Welcome to My New Blog!

champayne-splashWell, this is it! I’ve finally made the jump to WordPress and this is my own self-hosted blog. The new home of Prince Edison’s blog is here at Please update any bookmarks and feeds that you may have. Thanks!

For this new blog, I’ve chosen a pink cupcake theme. Don’t be mistaken by the cupcakes, this is certainly not a bakery blog! This theme looks cute to me and it’s free. So I’m using it for the time-being until I get myself a professionally designed theme in future.

Originally, I wanted to buy ourlittledarlings dot com. But this domain name has been taken by someone else in this world. So, I changed the word ‘darlings’ to ‘smarties’. Hey, we all love smart kids, don’t we? =)

This new home is quite empty now. I need a little more time to ‘renovate‘ it and add some nice furniture in it. I need to decide on the categories and install some plug-ins. If you have any suggestions for my blog, please feel free to leave your comments here. Like it or don’t, I love to hear from you.

Come on! Let’s toast for my new home! (although it is still in a mess) Cheers!

P/S: Thanks to everyone who has been visiting Prince Edison’s blog. It’s great that you’ve come to join me here at


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