5 Great Things about Working Motherhood

working mother

Life as a working mother can sometimes drive us crazy. We complain about the stress, lack of personal time, lack of focus, exhaustion etc. There are highs and lows that make working motherhood challenging, but yet rewarding.

Despite the stress, I think my family is better off with both my husband and I working. I’ll tell you why.

1. Financial Independence
Obviously, the financial benefit is the most appealing for working mothers. With the extra income, we are able to offer enrichment classes, sports and vacations to our little ones. We can spurge on those nice little extras without asking for permission.

2. Social Benefits
Working gives us the avenue to keep our social networks up-to-date and the wonderful opportunities to meet and enjoy the company of other adults. My colleagues and I have lunch together everyday with a delightful dose of irrelevant talks, politics, news, jokes and laughs. We have great fun!

3. Self Esteem
Working mothers usually benefit from a boost in self-esteem when they are working. We realize the satisfaction of pursuing an engaging career. Simple things like dressing up to work every morning, putting on make-up, having a to-do list and work schedule, as well as our professional aspirations contribute to a positive image and self-satisfaction.

4. Lesser Urge to Control
When I was taking care of my son during my maternity leave, I had full control of my son’s diet and routine. Now that I’m working, I’m relying on my parents-in-law and my helper to take care of my son. I’ve to accept the fact that I will not have absolute control and it doesn’t even matter. My boy is doing just fine under their care. As time passed, I find myself getting more and more laid back as I have faith in them and I know that my boy is doing well when I’m at work.

5. Retirement Benefits
This is the main reason why I choose to work. I want to retire with my own savings without giving any financial burden to my children. I know how it feels when you have to work to support your own family as well as your parents. It’s tough. I want my children to have their own lives and I don’t want to be a burden to them when I grow old.

There will always be pros and cons with being a working mother. On difficult days where you may wonder if it is worth it, just read the above benefits of being a working mum and be happy with our decision.

Weekend is coming, enjoy your off-days with your kiddos~! 



Doreen September 9, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Hi Emily,

I’ve just delivered my 2nd son and is stressful cos my supposed to be bb sitter goes MIA. So now hv to search all over again. Thus, I’n in a verge to quit my job and be a full time mummy like I did for my first child.

I’m impressed with what u have written about working motherhood. Guess I’m worried on how ppl take cares of the bb and worried if I’m going to miss him

Emily September 9, 2009 at 5:53 PM

Hi Doreen,
During our maternity leave, we are seeing our babies 24 hours a day. Of course, we can’t bear to leave them when we go to work. I also thought of resigning during my maternity leave, cos I felt so bad leaving my baby at the infant care. First 3 months of work was terrible, as I’m constantly missing my boy and worried about him crying and unattended at the infant care.

Personally, I feel that we can only enjoy working motherhood if we have a trusted person to take care of our babies. I’m glad that my MIL can help me to take care of Edison now, so that I can concentrate at work and with ease. I hope that you can find a babysitter soon. If not, quitting our job to take care of our babies are unavoidable. What’s more important that our kids and family, right? 🙂


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