Business Trip to Taiwan

I’ll be travelling to Taiwan on business trip late next week. I’m so excited about the trip but V is worried because I’ve no idea what to wear during winter. I think I’ll be in the toasty warm office most of the time, so a sweater, leggings or jeans should be sufficient to keep me warm. When I’m out, I’ll wear a winter jacket.

V thinks that I’ll need a LongJohn, sweater, cashmere scarf, socks, gloves and a down jacket as well. That’s quite a long list to me. Last weekend, we were out seaching for a down jacket and winter clothings.

I heard of Uniqlo, the new wave of fashion coming from the land of the rising sun but I haven’t been there. So, we went to one of its store at Tampines 1. Prior to my visit, I checked their website and I found that the overall prices of their clothings are quite reasonable. They have an extensive range of light jackets, sweaters, jeans, leggings, cardigans and down jackets.

I’m particularly interested in their Heat Tech Winter 2010 designs. The fabric is woven from a fiber thread which traps pockets of warm air, insulating our body in the same way as wool, but much less bulky. I shortlisted a few items to try out from their website.

When I reached the store at Tampines 1, I noticed that it has a very sleek look, big and bright, complete with white walls and shelves, several mannequins are lined up displaying their latest designs. However, the clothes are stacked up high on the shelves instead of being neatly folded.

There are a lot of customers in the store. Everyone is rummaging through the clothes to find their right sizes. There is hardly any sales assistants around to help the customers. I felt like I stepped into another warehouse sale. I couldn’t locate the items that I’ve shortlisted from their website in the store. I tried to seach for a sales assistant but to no avail.

I walked to the cashier counter. I saw two busy staffs at their cashier counter with a few customers queuing to make payment. I saw another staff outside the changing room, so I approached her. Apparently, she was busy and she couldn’t leave the changing room area. So, she approached one of the cashiers for assistance.

I waited for another 3 minutes. The cashier came to assist me. I showed him the paper with the items that I want to try. I told him that I couldn’t find them in the store. So, he took my paper and check the stock on the computer.

But to my dismay, he informed me that the items that I was looking for are no longer in store. They are all old designs. I couldn’t believe it as they are all Winter 2010 designs as displayed on their website. When I questioned the staff, he couldn’t answer me. It seems like he doesn’t even browse his own company’s website! He may be just a temporary staff, I told myself.

I walked out of the store with disappointment. Luckily, there is another store at Tampines 1 selling winter clothings. I went to Universal Traveller and I was so glad to find my winter clothings there. I bought my stuffs and went home happily.


2 thoughts on “Business Trip to Taiwan

    1. Hi Stevie,
      Thanks. The purpose of this trip is audit. Unfortunately, the date is too near to CNY. If not, I will extend two more days to visit Taipei. I’ll be going to Hsinchu this time.

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