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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

During my ‘balik kampung’ (meaning: return to hometown) trip last weekend, we managed to make a day-trip to Cameron Highlands. Our last trip to this beautiful tea country retreat was a year ago and we stayed one night at a rented chalet. I wrote about it HERE.

Cameron Highlands is a fantastic escape from our busy working life and to enjoy its cool climate. It is located in the north-central part of Peninsular Malaysia. It’s about half day bus ride from KL and a full day or overnight express coach from Singapore. We drove from Ipoh through the winding mountain roads and it took us 1.5 hours to reach our destination.

Here are my top picks for the best attractions in Cameron Highlands:

1. The Impressive Boh Tea Plantation

There are various tea plantations in Cameron Highlands but the one that remarkably allure most visitors is the Boh Tea Plantation. The view overlooking the tea plantations is so breathtaking. I particularly enjoy the landscape and the green hilly gardens.

Picturesque scenery aside, visitors can also enjoy the exceptional green tea and various tea products at the Sungei Palas Tea Centre, opened by BOH Plantations. Admission to factory visit is free. There is also exhibition area complete with information about the tea manufacturing process.

2. The Delightful Strawberry and Vegetable Farms

Strawberry and vegetable picking is the perfect activity for children here. There are numerous strawberry and vegetable farms in this highlands. As far as I know, most of the farms allow visitors to pluck strawberries on their own and they will charged according to the weight after that.

Little Edison certainly enjoyed the strawberry plucking. He pulled too hard until one of the pots almost crashed onto the floor! He said that the strawberries plucked by him are very sweet although it’s a known fact that most strawberries from Cameron Highlands are sour.

We visited the Green View Garden that has a strawberry farm and hydroponics vegetable farm that are open to the public. There is also a café that serves a superb variety of strawberry desserts from strawberry strudel, strawberry steamboat, strawberry salad, and strawberry milkshake to a variety of scrumptious strawberry ice cream desserts.

Last but not least, there is also a wide varieties of local products made in strawberries like chocolate, cookies, jam, juice etc.

3. The Beautiful Flower Nurseries

Being the leading producer of fresh flowers in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands has a lot of flower gardens and nurseries that are open to visitors. The common flowers grown here are roses, carnations, chrysanthemum, dalia, geranium, fuschia and gladioli. The prices are very cheap too!

4. The Lovely Butterfly Centres

Visitors can walk through an enclosed area where different species of butterflies are happily floating around in a lush, plant-filled garden. There are two butterfly farms here. Unfortunately, due to the heavy traffic jam, we had to give it a miss. Otherwise, I’m very sure the kids will enjoy the sight of butterflies in the open air.

5. The Sweet Honey Bee Farms

There are three honey bee farms where visitors can learn about bees and their honey production process. Various honey products are also sold here too.

If you wish to have a glimpse of the Cameron Highlands or check out the best place to stay, you can visit their official website HERE.

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