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Eatzi Gourmet Cake and Mooncakes plus Discount Codes

I’ve always been a fan of snow skin mooncakes. These adorable bite-sized mooncakes come in a variety of colours and exciting flavours, and I love to eat them chilled!

Evelyn at Eatzi Gourmet is so kind to send me a box of snow skin mooncakes and a cappuccino light coffee sponge cake for review. I’m so thrilled. At the end of my review, I’ll also share with you the discount codes if you’re keen to order them.

Firstly, these are the mini snow skin mooncakes that come in a box of 8pcs with 2pcs of each flavours:

1. Raspberry Cheese – combination of raspberries and cream cheese with diced raspberries bits.

2. Black Sesame – black sesame filling, bedded with “Tudor Gold Truffle” with toasted black sesame seed.

3. Pine Nuts with Bitter Orange – a unique balance of toasted pine nuts with bitter orange filling.

4. Hazelnut Macadamia – combination of hazelnut filling with toasted macadamia nuts, bedded with “Tudor Gold Truffle”.

They really taste as good as they look. The mooncake skin is fragrant, chewy and soft, while the fillings are rich and flavourful. It’s priced at $35.80 per box.

Secondly, this is the cappuccino light coffee sponge cake – one of the items listed under their all-time favourites. My mouth is watering now as I’m writing this review as this cake is absolutely wonderful – one of the nicest sponge cakes that I’ve ever tasted!

Being a coffee lover, I adore anything coffee-flavoured from ice-cream to chocolates and cakes. Words like ‘mocha’ or ‘cappuccino’ will certainly convince me to try them.

Little Edison, who is obsessed with cake-cutting after his birthday bash at school last week helped me to cut this lovely cake. He chomped down a big piece of the cake and said, “Mama, this cake is yummy!”

The sponge itself is coffee-flavoured, laced with marscapone mousse without alcohol. It is beautifully soft and moist, with an excellent light and airy texture that literally melts in my mouth. The mousse has a slightly more intense coffee flavour and it’s absolutely delicious – not too sweet, I would say.

The design of the cake is simple yet pleasing to the eyes. It is priced at $22 for 0.5kg and $33.50 for 1kg.

Now, let me share with you the promotional codes if you’re keen to order from Eatzi Gourmet.

For non festive cakes, you can get a 15% discount (valid till 18 Sep 2011) and for mooncakes, you can get a 10% discount (valid till 11 Sep 2011). Simply use these promotional codes to enjoy discounts on your orders:

  • Non festive cakes, use JPA01
  • Mooncakes, use JPA02

Happy shopping and enjoy your cakes!

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Stevie September 4, 2011 at 9:12 PM

The cake look so yummylicious!!!

Emily September 6, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Hi Stevie,
Yes, it’s yummy… my fave cappuccino! Little Edison loves it too… lately he loves coffee so much, he will ‘curi-curi’ take a sip of my coffee when I didn’t notice him…


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