Back to School Essentials

After a long holiday, heading back to school may seem like a drag to some kids. We can help our children to get revved up by taking them on a school supplies shopping trip! Crack opens your notebook and start jotting down the must-haves supplies for the school year before you head to the store.

Instead of telling you what to buy, which most of you already know, I’ll be sharing with you some important back to school routines or essentials that cover the different aspects of our children’s learning journey.

1. Eat and live healthily

This is definitely the best lesson we can teach our children, and it will stay with them for life. A healthy child has energy to play and learn, sleeps well, enjoys a variety of food and has the potential for a brighter future.

Hence, we should start cultivating the habit of maintaining good health from young to prevent health problems when they grow up. On the same token, knowing what kind of food that can keep our children on the path of good health is very important.


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I always follow the Healthy Diet Pyramid. Eat a variety of food from each group, but more from the bottom of the pyramid and less from the top.

Useful Info: Build a Healthy Food Foundation by HPB

2. Keep germs away

This is probably the most important among all. Protect our children from contagious diseases like HFMD and Influenza.


Before they eat (most important!) and regularly throughout the day, make sure our children wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap and water for about 20 seconds. Alcohol sanitizers are very useful when there is no soap and water, which is why I always carry one in my bag.

If they experience flu symptoms, bring them to the doctor. Keep them at home if they are unwell and as much as possible, we should avoid crowded places such as schools, child care centres and shopping malls.

3. Stay active and keep obesity at bay!

An overweight child may suffer issues with self-esteem if he gets teased by his friends at school due to his size. It will also lead to chronic health problems when he grows up.

So, it’s important to have physical activities spread over the day. Take them to the playground, play some games or dance to their favourite songs. In the evening, it’s good to enjoy a stroll in the park or go cycling. Or go for a swim!


I reach home at around 6:15pm on weekdays. Usually I’ll spend half an hour playing ball games or cycling with Little Edison before we have dinner at 7pm. After a sweat-out session, his appetite is amazingly good and he finishes his dinner without any fuss.

4. Good eye care habits

I’ve seen an increasing number of children having myopia these days, and it really worries me. I’m trying very hard to instil good eye care habits with Little Edison now. Some of the things that I’ve done on this aspect include:

  • Ensure that there is adequate lightning at his study area
  • Sit upright when reading, and hold the book at least 30cm away from his eyes
  • Reduce glare on electronics devices and limit the usage of TV and iPhone
  • Relax his eyes for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes of near work or activities
5. Dental check-up

Yes, that is! Don’t forget the dental care! I bring Little Edison for dental check-up twice a year, and that’s usually during the school holiday or one week before the school starts.

It’s good to know that a child with a healthy set of teeth will be able to speak properly, carry off a good self-image and boost his confidence. Most importantly, healthy habits that start from young will carry over to the adulthood.

I choose a toothbrush with a smaller head and soft bristles for Little Edison. My dentist advised me to use toothpaste with fluoride as soon as he learns how to spit effectively. Thus, he started using fluoride toothpaste more than a year ago.

I bring him for dental check-ups twice a year since he was 3 years old. So far, he has two dental treatments where the dentist put sealants on his molars to protect against tooth decay. The sealants are very effective and best of all, they are painless.

If you have any back-to-school routines to share with me, please drop me a comment here. I love to hear from you too! 


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Kenneth July 25, 2012 at 12:42 AM

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Emily July 28, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Hi Ken,
Thanks. Little Edison loves the Lifebuoy Body Wash too, it’s total protect against germs. Good for active boys like him. 🙂


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