• Emily says

      Hi SY,
      Yup, I know.. you’re BIG BIG fan of Disneyland… :) But again, that’s the best place to go, given the location and attractions… Haha!

  1. says

    yes, i am. i have the annual passes too :p if i were to go there again this year, it will be a secret. i cannot bear to see raised eyebrows on “again???!!”

  2. says

    hi, sorry, can’t really remember but i think its slightly under $150 per pax, valid for 1 year period. we use it , to get the room discount for the kingdom club rooms so it’s worth.

    • Emily says

      Hi SY,
      Thanks for sharing this. If I were to go again, hehehe, I’ll check-out the annual pass and the kingdom club room. :)

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