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SuperStar Virgo Phuket–Langkawi Cruise: Part 3 and Last


As usual, I’ll start this post with a beautiful ocean view from our balcony. Honestly, I still can’t get enough of it. As I listen to the ocean waves in the early morning, there’s a subtlety of sound that inspires inner peace. And it has an excellent soothing effect too!

On Day 3, our cruise was expected to arrive at Pulau Langkawi, an island in the north western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, at 11am. We had our breakfast at The Pavilion (Chinese Restaurant). I guess the breakfast theme of the day was “Red Bean”. We were served with red bean pau and red bean puff.

There is a serious menu malfunction here. If they plan to serve red bean pau, they should have changed the red bean puff to char siew puff instead. Other than the red bean, the teochew porridge is quite tasteless but the side dishes like salted vegetables and kimchi are extremely salty.

We reached Pulau Langkawi shortly after the disappointing breakfast. It was windy and raining, otherwise getting out to Langkawi should be pretty much a breeze. The bad weather also slowed down the movement of the passengers.



Some of them are stucked at the jetty as there were insufficient taxis to cater for their demand. Some of them are stucked because they have no umbrella. Fortunately, the staffs of the cruise started despatching rain coats and the crowd began to move after that.

Our taxi

We hired a taxi to drive us around Langkawi. Some of the attractions of this island include Langkawi Underwater World, duty-free shopping centres, Mahsuri’s tomb, cable car, caves and many fine powdery sandy beaches.

Cruise - Aug'127




We spent about four hours in this island before the cruise departs at 5pm. As soon as we got back to our cabin, Little Edison made a special request to go for a dip in the heated Jacuzzi again. I thought he should be tired, but he was beaming with excitement the moment he thinks of Jacuzzi.

So, off we went to the Jacuzzi again!

Cruise - Aug'128




Tonight we had our sumptuous Gala Dinner at the Noble House Restaurant. Dinner starts at 9pm, and we were treated with a pre-gala cocktail event at 8:15pm. There are music performances and photo-taking session with the captains of the cruise too.



Our boy’s adrenalin ended halfway through the Gala Dinner, and he dozed off to dreamland. As a result, I didn’t take many pictures during the dinner. All in all, the Gala Dinner was fantastic and it was an excellent way to wrap up our third day on the cruise.

If you ask me whether I’ll be back to Virgo again, my answer will be NO. I’m sorry, Virgo, but I think you’ve become more profit-oriented than service-oriented as compared to two years ago. Even though we truly enjoyed our second cruise vacation with you, despite some complaints here and there, but I can’t justify for the third one.

Maybe we shall try out the new cruise liner, Costa Cruise, next year!


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    September 12, 2012 at 1:03 AM

    I’ll be cruising with Costa. Will let you now how it fares and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

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      September 12, 2012 at 8:20 AM

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks. I’m keen to find out about this new cruise liner too. 🙂

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