LEGO DUPLO: It’s Where Little Hands Meet Big Imaginations!

A lot of people have very fond childhood memories of growing up with LEGO. Well, yes, I’m one of them! I’ve fond memories of growing up with LEGO. My brother, sister and I could spend hours constructing a house out of our LEGO bricks, breaking it down and rebuilding it again. We can never get bored of LEGO.

Occasionally, my Mom would buy new sets to add into our collections and that would make us terribly excited. But I think my poor Dad has less fond memories of stepping barefoot on a LEGO brick in the middle of the night when we overlooked and left it on the floor after playing – ouch!

Thinking of LEGO today and the impact it had on my childhood, I recollect that my fondest memory of LEGO is the world of creativity that was at my fingertips once I started to build and put the bricks together for the first time.

It’s a real joy when LEGO bricks being tossed together into a big bucket, allowing our imaginations to run freely. We could build houses, towers, cities, cars, trains, or transport system. I can still remember sitting there looking at the toppled piles of LEGO bricks on the floor and in front of me with my mind racing – what would I build next?

Personally, I think that the ‘world of wonder’ that LEGO invokes in children is what making it so successful. LEGO has come a long way over the past 80 years – from a small carpenter’s workshop in 1932 to a modern, global enterprise that is now, in terms of sales, the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of toys.

LEGO has also been named “Toy of the Century” twice. It has undergone extensive development over the years, but the foundation remains the traditional LEGO brick. The interlocking principle with its tubes makes it unique and offers unlimited building possibilities.

Well, it’s just a matter of getting the imagination going and allowing a wealth of creative ideas to emerge through play. That is why I still enjoy playing LEGO with Little Edison, and LEGO bricks are vital to our household.

Our experience with LEGO DUPLO

I can recall the first time Little Edison received his first set of LEGO DUPLO blocks. It was three years ago, and he absolutely loved them! LEGO DUPLO preschool building toys are specially designed for the small hands and big imaginations of children aged between 1.5 to 5 years old. LEGO DUPLO bricks can also be built with system bricks (bricks for child above 5 years old) to continue the LEGO fun play as they grow.

DUPLO bricks are twice the size of standard LEGO bricks, thus making them a great way to kick start a young child’s building interest and giving him the opportunity to build, create and develop, while discovering so many ways to play.

Recently, LEGO sent over a new DUPLO set for him. He loves it so much, and it’s like Christmas came early for him. It’s the LEGO DUPLO Racing Team (#6143) – perfect for a young automotive fan like him!


Besides the usual LEGO bricks, the set also comes with a race car, 2 DUPLO figures, tools, wheels and everything that we need to make pit stop repairs. They are so colourful and super cute too!


He quickly set up his racing car and said “Mama, let’s get ready for the big race! I’ll check the fuel and oil. You change the tires with this screwdriver. Okay?”

“Okay, sure. Let’s get started!” I responded as I grabbed the tools.

After all the repair works, he used the remaining LEGO bricks to make a racing track. And that’s how he got the race started!


When he started playing with LEGO DUPLO at the age of two, he needed a lot of help from me. For instance, when two bricks stick together, he was unable to pull them apart. Gradually, as he developed his fine motor skills, he succeeded in stacking, sorting and releasing the bricks on his own.

From the age of three to four, role-playing became more dominant for him. That’s when I added more figures and animals into his collection. We did a lot of pretend-play with diffferent scenarios. As he reached the age of five with curiosity being his driving force, he continues to grow his mind and build new skills through creative play with LEGO bricks.

Five is the age where he feels encouraged to explore everything on his own because his self-awareness and understanding of the world are quite advanced now. He has great imaginations, and he loves to make up his own adventures with action characters and things around him. So, we mixed different LEGO play sets together to expand his play universe and trigger new creative ideas.

In a nutshell, LEGO DUPLO is the place where small hands meet with big imaginations, and small bricks create big possibilities. I can see why it’s every children’s dream to own a set of LEGO. They can build just anything that they can possibly imagine with LEGO!

In my point of view, the greatest thing about LEGO is that it is designed to grow with our children. While most toys in the market are unable to sustain their interest for more than a year, LEGO is entirely different. As children grow, their sets of LEGOs will also grow and adapt to their new skills and involve higher degrees of creative thinking and logical reasoning skills.


Most importantly, LEGO website also offers plenty of creative ideas and building tips to ensure that our children can derive the most benefit from their play. You’ll never run out of ideas, and there are so many different ways to play with just one toy!

LEGO Website

LEGO DUPLO website

In summary, LEGO stimulates creativity and imagination, and it helps children improve their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. So, let’s ditch the TV and give them a set of LEGO instead!

LEGO DUPLO Kids’ Event at Hokey Pokey (24 Nov 2012)


On Saturday 24 Nov, we were invited to the LEGO DUPLO Kids’ Event at Hokey Pokey organised by Nuffnang and LEGO. When I break the good news to Little Edison, his face instantly lights up with excitement. He quickly finished up his lunch and said “Mama, I’m done. Hurry up! Let’s go!”

We arrived 10 minutes before the event start for registration and photo-taking. It’s the first time I attend a kids’ event like this, and it turned out to be surprisingly fun. The event was hosted by the bubbly and cheerful Joanne-Marie Sim, who is also pretty good with kids, and opened by Ms. Tan Lee Hoon, Managing Director of LEGO Singapore Pte Ltd.


Edison & Me


There are some exciting LEGO-themed activities planned for the kids. In the first part of the game, the kids are required to build their dream home. Brilliant ideas came from these kids, and parents are roped in to join the fun, as well as providing building tips to their kids.

LEGO Kids' Event 3

LEGO Kids' Event 4

Look at what Little Edison is building as his dream home! He carefully laid the bricks and stacked them up to build a house. Then, he found a horse in the box and he went “Ah! I want a horse in my house!” This is the final product – a house with a horse, window and gate!

LEGO Kids' Event 5

LEGO Kids' Event 6

All of us break for lunch before we returned for the Part Two. Now, the kids are required to build an animal. They are given some print-outs as guidelines, but they can also build on their own. Edison wanted to build a caterpillar, but he was unable to find the required shapes on the print-out. At the end, he changed his mind and built a horse instead.

LEGO Kids' Event 8

LEGO Kids' Event

At the end of the games, three winners were picked based on their creativity and complexity of their builds. They were presented with a LEGO DUPLO set each.

Despite the fact that the event had to end at some point, it didn’t mean that the fun was all over. No one went home empty-handed, because they are all given goodie bags containing LEGO DUPLO sets. The kids can continue their building activities at home.

All the kids posed for a group picture.

LEGO Kids' Event 10

LEGO Kids' Event 11

Look at all those smiles when they cheer for LEGO!

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