Our P1 Registration Experience

First of all, I want to let out a big YAY! We made it! Little Edison has been successful in securing a place for Primary One in our school of choice.

We went for the registration at Phase 2C in the afternoon of 30 Jul 2013. The afternoon session started at 2:30pm, and we reached the school 10 minutes earlier. There were around 10 parents waiting outside the school office.

The school staff started distributing queue numbers and application forms to the parents. We sat down and filled-up our application form. I was impressed by the real-time monitoring system that is displayed outside the office that shows the number of vacancies versus the number of applicants by distance and citizenship.


At Phase 2C, the number of vacancies in this school is 71. After half a day, the school has received 40 applications with 21 applicants staying within the blessed 1km radius. And we’re the 22nd applicant within the 1km radius. I joked with V that we don’t have to wait till 6 Aug 2013 for the results.

The shortcut way is to pop by the school after 4:30pm on the last day of registration (1 Aug 2013) to see the latest numbers. If the number of applicants within the 1km radius does not exceed 71, this means that we’re successful. V laughed at my nervousness. I shot him a glare that instantly shut him up.

Come on, I don’t want to be sleepless until the result announcement on 6 Aug 2013. Call me kiasu parent or kan-chiong spider, I don’t mind. Our plan will fall apart if we’re unsuccessful, and we haven’t even think of our second choice if the first one failed.

So, I tried my luck and called the school after 5pm on the last day of registration. I was told that all the applicants staying within 1km are successful and balloting will start for those staying within 1-2km.

I immediately heave a sigh of relief! We made it! No balloting stress for us. I called everyone in the family to announce the good news.

Next year, I will be contributing to the infamous traffic chaos along Bartley Road when I send our boy to school every morning. When our new place is ready in 2015, it will be just a short walk across the road.

I’m just glad that things turn out the way I want it to be. Hopefully, our boy will enjoy his primary school days in this school.

So, how was your Primary One registration this year? Do share with me, I love to hear from you too!


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