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A Memorable Birthday Party at Swensen’s

The sun was shining especially early this morning. I pulled up the blinds and I could feel the gentle heat of the sun greeting me in a special way on this special day. It was Edison’s 6th birthday.

I had a familiar feeling – the same feeling I always had on my birthday. The anxiety of gathering our friends and loved ones, the laughter around the table, the excitement in the atmosphere, the aroma of food that escapes from the kitchen, the wonderful birthday cake, and so on.

So, I quickly woke up and get prepared for Edison’s 6th birthday party at Swensen’s NEX Mall.

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, it’s really not easy to organize a birthday party. As we’re both tied-up with works, we’ve made the best decision ever to outsource it to Swensen’s. Except for sending birthday party invitation, all the other aspects of the party are well managed by the restaurant.



First of all, the venue. There are three outlets to choose from – ION Orchard, NEX Mall and Thomson Plaza. NEX Mall is certainly the best choice for us due to its close vicinity to his kindergarten, and most of his classmates are also staying near the area.


The restaurant is very spacious, and they have a dedicated area to hold a birthday party which is separated from the other guests in the restaurant. So, we get all the privacy for our party. Yay!


The area is squarish, so tables and chairs can be neatly arranged at the center. The food and drinks are arranged in separate corners in a buffet-style. The moment we walked in, we fell in love with the party decorations and venue.



The area is so comfortable to host guests up to 40 pax, and beautifully decorated with balloons and party banners. The restaurant also prepared party packs for the kids.


Food and Drinks


The birthday tea party comes with a choice of five main courses, and we chose the mini chicken puff, pizza bread, chicken baked rice, meatball in tomato sauce, as well as U.S. fries. The restaurant also provides free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea, and a single scoop ice-cream for all the guests.

The kids really enjoyed the pizza bread and fries. Before I had a chance to take pictures of the food, they were queuing up again for their second servings. The restaurant is so thoughtful to arrange plastic plates and cutleries for the kids, so that it’s easier for them to take the food on their own.

Party Host


This is the best part of the party, I would say. Our party host (arranged by Swensen’s as well) did a fantastic job to ensure that the kids are engaged, entertained and have fun, as well as a perfectly co-ordinated party.

The party started with the making of firehouse ice-cream by our party host (sorry, I forgot her name). Then, she got all the kids excited when she gave them hands-on experience to make their own firehouse ice-cream. Then, she made balloons of all sorts for all the kids.



The games continued after the food. Remember the nostalgic musical chair game? She played a slightly different version using plastic specs. When the music stopped, all the kids must pick up the plastic specs from the floor. This is really exciting!


Why are these kids stuffing the party host with $50 dollar notes? This is another interesting game that she played with the kids. It’s called the ‘find me something’ game. She would mention the name of an item, i.e. EZ link card, gold coin, different coloured socks, and the first person who can find the item will be the winner and get a price from her.

This time, she made the adults participating in the games too. It was hilarious!

Birthday Cake


The birthday party package comes with a complimentary 1kg Swensen’s Ice-cream birthday cake with 3 ice-cream flavours – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We topped it up to 2kg with the Disney theme design.

The cake is served in a beautiful display tray, and when water is poured on the dry ice, it creates a wonderful smoky “dry ice effect” that makes the kids go wow and wow!


Here’s the birthday boy blowing the candles that are glowing on top of the beautiful Disney theme birthday cake.


At the end of the party, our party host assisted Edison to distribute the party packs to all his friends. The restaurant also gave free Kid’s Club membership for all the children.


The party was an absolute success. Initially, V thought that I could have lost my mind trying to work-out all the party planning by myself. We’re truly grateful to Swensen’s for their fantastic job in organising this memorable party for our boy.

The kids had so much fun with the games and food. The parents had a chance to relax and make meaningful conversations with each other. We all have common topics – our kids, their kindergarten, and of course which primary school that they will be going next year.

The smile on Edison’s face was the biggest I’d ever seen. He enjoyed himself so much with his friends and he couldn’t stop talking about his party all day. A little bit of efforts from us to make him feel EXTRA special on his birthday, it was all worth it.

We had the most fabulous time, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made it possible. As well as all the friends, teachers and family members who took the time to attend his party.


If planning for a birthday party is stressful to you, why not leave it to the experts at Swensen’s? Find out more about throwing a perfect party for your child at Swensen’s HERE. Or Like Swensen’s Facebook Page for more updates.


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