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It can’t be said enough that the most effective way to keep our kids healthy is to make sure that they wash their hands often with antibacterial soap. Since young, I constantly nag remind Little Edison to wash his hands before meal time, after play and after using the toilet.

The biggest reward for this top-notch nagging mom is that I have a son who will automatically washes his hands without being told. That’s how I keep my household healthier in the long run too.

So what’s new about handwashing this month, you may wonder. Handwashing can always be fun with Lifebuoy. Trust me, please read on.

This month, Lifebuoy launches its Secret Wash fun moves to encourage children to wash their hands, powered by the exciting Colour Changing Handwash. You stand a chance to win your own collectible handwashing poster customized with the face of your kids and their names (sample below) simply by sharing your handwashing tip and a photo of your child washing his/her hands.

This is Lifebuoy Secret Wash poster featuring Edison’s face

I often believe that keeping good hygience habits doesn’t have to be dull and boring. And Lifebuoy Secret Wash proves just that. There are altogether 3 different moves to master, check out these 3 videos for some clues:

Bollywood Shaker

Hulk Power

Cricket Champ


The Secret Wash Handwashing Tips Contest

Secretwash new4

For one month starting from 23 Sep till 23 Oct 2013, you’re encouraged to submit your ideas on fun ways to get your children to wash their hands on Lifebuoy Facebook tab. The best 100 submissions will receive a limited edition Lifebuoy Secret Wash poster featuring your kid’s face along with a free full-sized Colour Changing Handwash.

The best 100 tips will also be shared with all mummy fans on Lifebuoy Singapore Facebook Page, in celebration of Global Handwashing Day 2013 in October.

Here’s how the posters look like (with names and faces to be customized):

Secret Wash Visual

Like it? Yes! Please act fast, and submit your ideas and picture now. As always, handwashing can be fun with Lifebuoy!

Now, I’m going to share with you my personal secret handwashing tips.

1. Use Lifebuoy’s Colour Changing Handwash and ask him to look for the ‘green’ signal. GREEN means CLEAN!


The ‘green means clean’ concept is fun and easy for the kids. When the lather turns green, this means that 99.9% of germs have been removed and it’s time to rinse off. By doing so, they get complete germ protection, and we, mothers have visible proof that our children’s hands are completely germ free.

2. Frequent reminders since young that he must wash his hands after coming in from outdoors, prior to eating, after playing in public places, and after using the toilet. Over time, all these reminders will turn into a habit and I don’t need to remind him at all now.

3. Promote handwashing as a fun and positive family activity before mealtime and at appropriate times to teach my kid on good hygiene habit now and later in life. Let’s just do it together!

4. Keep a sturdy step stool, Lifebuoy antibacterial soap and clean towel in the bathroom that he can reach and use. It’s a good idea to keep one set in the kitchen as well.

5. Paste his own handwashing poster in the bathroom as an encouragement for him to continue with his good handwashing habits. Every time he sees his poster, he raises his clenched fists and proudly says, “Mama, see! I have hulk power smash!”


Now, what’s your personal secret handwashing tip? Ssshhhh, please don’t share it here. Send it to Lifebuoy Secret Wash Handwashing Tips contest now. Thanks for sharing!

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