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A generation ago, most mothers of young children spent their days at home with their children. Today, nearly two-thirds of mothers with young children are working full-time. Thus, the need for quality childcare and pre-schools has risen over the past few years.

I’m sure it’s every parent’s nightmare when their children started pre-school. For us, it was a complete meltdown – for me as well as my son. On his first school day, I put on a brave front when I waved goodbye to him. But the moment I was out of sight, he started bawling. I peeped at him from the classroom window and my heart was torn into pieces. I was sobbing like a girl who has just lost her favourite stuffed animal. I’m sure many of you have experienced this before.

Edison’s first pre-school teacher was Ms. Wong. She is the most loving, patient and dedicated teacher that I’ve seen in my entire life! She would carry him around, comfort him, and made him feel loved and secured. She trained him to be independent at an early age, from self-feeding to visiting the toilet and making new friends. She also developed a love for learning in him.

I have a lot of respect for her and all the teachers in his school. Handling a bunch of young children is a true challenge. Edison was not the only crying baby in the class, there were also a handful of them. If I were the teacher, I could have gone crazy!

That’s why I always admire pre-school teachers who have endless amount of love and patience to teach and care for young children every day. This year, Edison is completing his last year of pre-school. I’m always grateful and appreciative to all his teachers for taking great care of him, and shower him with tender loving care during his four years in pre-school.

NTUC First Campus

Back to the topic of pre-school, I’m sure you’ve heard of NTUC First Campus (NFC). It is the pioneer childcare operator in Singapore since 1970s, and it manages three pre-school brands – My First Skool, The Little Skool-House International and The Caterpillar’s Cove.

With 120 centres island wide, NTUC First Campus believes that every child deserves a good start in life. Its social mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of social and economic background, can receive quality and affordable early childhood care and education.

NTUC First Campus also realizes the importance in establishing the best support network and career advancement opportunities for their staffs. Both new and current teachers can develop their knowledge and skills in NFC’s tailored training programs, as well as learning the best practices in their regular meetings and forums.

With the rising need for quality childcare in Singapore, NTUC First Campus has also kicks off their social recruitment campaign to promote the appreciation for pre-school teachers, and to encourage more aspiring individuals to join the early childhood education industry.

“It Began With You”

Now, let me ask you a simple question. Do you know why children do the things that they do? Here’s a video that all of us should watch. You’ll get the answer here.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Academic performance may be a direct indicator of how well our children did at school, but the core values that they learned from their pre-school teachers are far more important, and it usually takes longer time for us to observe in our children.

Being a pre-school teacher is certainly a great and fulfilling job, but definitely not an easy one. If you love children and are willing to take up the challenges to inspire young lives, step forward and send them your resume now. You can find out more details about NFC careers and positions available from their website and Facebook Page.

Last but not least, I like to invite you to take up the challenge to find out if you have what it takes to be a pre-school teacher.


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Want to know my score? Nah! I got 28 points and an “I’ve Got What It Takes” grade. Haha, so proud of myself! If you have a pre-school child, you’ll likely know all the answers too.


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