Introducing: StarHub Happy Junior Pack – My Kid’s New BFF

Not all mothers have time for endless afternoon treats and playtime with their children. This is especially true for full-time working mother like me. On any typical weekday, I have less than 3 hours of face-time with my son. But I can still connect with him in a meaningful way.

And that’s via phone calls!

Since Edison discovered the marvel of telephone, he has been calling me every day when I’m at work. Sometimes he calls up to five times a day to share with me about an event or incident at school, funny things that his friends said or do, and other monkey business that he’s doing at home.

I welcome all these calls as I often find them very amusing. These phone calls ‘connect’ me with his routine even though I’m not with him physically. But in my mind, I can imagine what he’s doing and feeling at that time.

Here’s sharing one of our conversations during his recess time.

“Hello Mama! What are you doing?” he asked enthusiastically.

“Mama is working. Have you taken your breakfast?”

“Oh yes! I ate fishball noodles and grape juice, and I finished all.”

I was delighted to hear that, and I said: “Good job, boy! It’s 10:10am now. You have five more minutes to play before returning to your classroom. Remember to drink more water, okay?”

“Okay, I’m going to play now. Bye!” Before I could nag any further, he put down the phone.

Three hours later, he called again.

“Hello Mama!” he said in an even more enthusiastic tone this time.

“Yes, boy. Have you reached home?” I asked him.

“No, I’m walking home now. It’s very hot! And I’m very hungry.”

I chuckled and said, “Oh, faster walk home and have your lunch. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay, Mama. Bye!” The line went dead. I knew he was rushing home for lunch.

I like it every time he calls me in the middle of the day, even for no apparent reason. Just to listen to his rambling, his voice and his jokes. They really brighten up my days.

The Happy Junior Pack

Happy Junior Pack

Recently, I was introduced to the new Happy Junior Pack from StarHub. It’s a fun and interesting Mobile Prepaid SIM specially designed for our kids that promises awesome values such as FREE Data, FREE Incoming Calls, FREE credits and more.

Happy Junior Pack @ $26 consists of:

  • $30 worth of credits
  • FREE incoming calls
  • FREE data
  • Choice of Prepaid Golden Number
  • Exclusive Adventure Time premiums
  • FREE POPULAR Student Card
  • Plus a chance to retain their number when switching to Postpaid Line

Starhub 3

Being a satisfied customer of StarHub for more than eight years now, I’m happy to introduce the same telco to my son so that he can enjoy the rewarding journey with StarHub together with me.

In addition, this is also the age where I’m looking for a prepaid card for him so that he can be contacted anytime and anywhere, especially when he’s away for classes. Most importantly, he can also contact me conveniently.

There are two main reasons why I want to give him a mobile phone. First of all – for convenience. For a parent, having the luxury and convenience of being able to speak to his or her child instantly is very important. The same goes for the child. Secondly – for safety. Mobile phone can be an essential item in the event of an emergency.

The benefit of using a prepaid card is that I can monitor his usage. Prepaid card is effective in teaching him how to budget his credit wisely. Handling the phone on his own will also train him to be responsible for his own belonging.

The prepaid card can be topped-up conveniently online via Happy Prepaid Top-Up Cards or Credit Cards, and electronically via AXS, SAM, DBS/POSB ATMs and OCBC ATMs.

Last but not least, the most interesting feature of the Happy Junior Pack is that our kids can retain their numbers when they convert to StarHub post-paid line in future. It’s our kid’s first mobile phone number, and we’ll surely treasure it as much as them.

Starhub 2
Picture Credit: iStock

Knowing that I can make that call to him whenever I need is a great convenience for me. To him, it’s his first mobile SIM that allows him to connect with family and friends at any time.

That’s why Happy Junior Pack is my kid’s new BFF! Check out StarHub’s website for more details.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own.


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