Slimming Progress Update & Fat Freezing Treatment on Outer Thighs

My colleague commented that I look slimmer and healthier recently. When I told her that I lost 5kg over the last 2 months, I made her really excited. Then, I shared with her the Total Slim Program at Halley Medical Aesthetics that I’m undergoing now, and she was so impressed. The Botox also plays a part in my facial slimming.

Yes, I look visibly slimmer now – even my VERY unobservant husband noticed it, you can imagine my excitement. Like I always say – unless I go for plastic surgery, else he wouldn’t notice any difference in how I look. So this time, he surprised me.

Two months ago, I did my first fat freezing treatment on my tummy. A month later, I did the second fat freezing treatment on the same area. Over the weeks that follow, my body continues to flush out the fat cells, and my tummy has gradually disappears.

I used to look like I’m “pregnant all the time” – I hated it so much that I’ve stopped wearing dresses completely. Most of my weight gain went to my tummy, no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get rid of it. I went from size “M” to “L”, but still struggled to get my zipper up.

Now, I’m comfortably wearing my old “M” size pants without worrying that my zipper will pop open. The fat freezing treatment delivers amazing results, so I’ve decided to do it once more on my outer thighs.

During my third visit to Dr. Terence Tan, I told him that I want to shrink my thighs. Frankly speaking, I’ve long accepted that having wide hips and bulky thighs was simply part of being a woman approaching her 40’s. But now that I’ve discovered fat freezing treatment, I just wish that it can make my thighs just a little bit smaller, or tighter, or just look better.

Dr. Tan suggested that I had the treatment on my outer thighs, so he explained the procedure to me before I get iced. It’s practically the same as the fat freezing on my tummy, except that I laid on a different position this time (face down).

Fat Freezing Treatment on Outer Thighs


The therapist applied the cooling pads on my thighs before placing the fat freezing applicators on my outer thighs. It felt icy cold for a short while, but my body adjusted to the temperature quickly. The therapist sweetly placed a sheet over me and dimmed the lights for me to rest. I took a short nap as the treatment took one hour.



Besides the fat freezing treatment, a major part of the consultation was spent on weight-loss food advisory, understanding my caloric needs, and making healthy lifestyle changes to prevent putting on weight after my slimming program. Dr. Tan doesn’t rushes through appointments, in fact, he is patient in explaining everything to me and very supportive to my questions and needs.

You know, it’s really nice to sit with a doctor who doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get you out of his room. He takes his time to listen to me, so I’m certainly staying with him for all my aesthetics needs.

We discussed in details about my diet and calorie intake. Before the slimming program, my daily calorie intake was roughly 1,800 as compared to my recommended calorie intake of 1,650. So, I was taking excess 150 calories per day (equivalent to 17gm weight gain per day). That was 0.5kg a month, 3kg in half a year, and 6kg in a year. Eeek!

I totally freaked out, not knowing that my favourite white coffee is the major culprit. So, I cut away all my snacks and drink only black coffee (no milk, no creamer). My revised daily calorie intake went down to 1,300 (equivalent to 40gm weight loss per day). That goes to 1.2kg weight loss in a month.

I don’t go crazy counting calories on everything that I eat. With a good understanding on calories and energy requirement, I can make healthier food choices and guide myself on weight control.

As a record, my three-month slimming progress can be summarized as follow:

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Overall, I’m so happy with the results. It’s progressing easier and better than I’ve expected, and I’m looking forward to month #4 already.


Halley Medical Aesthetics carries MT Metatron – a high quality skincare brand from Japan that specializes in anti-aging, lifting, and face contouring.


Halley’s Signature Firm It Up Facial is the Winner of Harper’s BAZAAR Spa Awards 2015: Best Anti-Aging Facial.

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Audrey June 25, 2015 at 8:09 PM

Hi there! I chanced upon your blog while I was looking for slimming centres review haha:/ May I just clarify, you paid a total of $655 for 3 fat freezing and 3 months of medicine for your weight loss prog? If you don’t mind, can you share how much did u pay in total for your prog?:)) and are you able to keep the weight off after the prog? Thank you so much in advance and I really look forward to your reply:)

Emily June 25, 2015 at 10:03 PM

Hi Audrey,
I paid $655 for the 3-months supply of slimming medication + consultation. Fat-freezing treatment is at $380 per application. I did 3x treatments, so the cost is 3 x $380. I understand that they have trial price for new customers, pls call them for further details. On every visit, I had a consultation session with Dr. Tan on tips to maintain my weight after the prog. So far so good, I’m still keeping on my weight one month after the program’s completion.


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