Baking Made Easy With Betty Crocker

Before I start this post, I’ve a confession to make. It’s not an earth-shaking one, but one that often churns up to my maternal inadequacy. I’ve never baked anything on my own in my entire life – even though I very much love to bake Edison’s favourite bite-sized cookies for him.

As a child, I loved watching and being involved in my mum’s baking. She baked quite a lot for our lunchboxes, birthdays and special occasions such as Chinese New Year. Memories of baking with her in the kitchen of our childhood home are still one of my most precious childhood memories.

Having said that, I’ve always wanted to do the same with my son. But as we all know, us modern mothers are the busiest people on earth. We juggle kids, husbands, jobs, housework, and more. Due to priorities, baking often takes a back seat as it takes a huge amount of our time, from buying numerous ingredients, finding the right tools, following the measurements, to using the correct baking techniques. Sometimes, it isn’t even successful.

Every mother’s dream is to serve the BEST for our kids. That is why baking is every mother’s wish, knowing that what comes out of the oven is a labour of love, and at the same time rewarding themselves with the happy faces of their loved ones.

Betty Crocker

Thanks to Betty Crocker, baking can now be done every day because it’s made easy, so convenient, and delicious as traditional baking delivers. It’s also made exactly for kids so we can enjoy awesome baking and bonding time with our kids. I’ll show you how, but before that, let’s take a minute to read a brief introduction of this brand.

Betty Crocker is one of the brands under General Mills, and it’s recognized as the pioneer and biggest cake mix brand in the world. They are one of the pioneers ready-to-use bake mixes with minimal ingredients to be added. Originates from America, Betty Crocker products are now sold worldwide.

Truth be told, I’m a kitchen disaster with absolutely no common sense in baking. The moment I looked at Betty Crocker cake mixes, I felt so inspired to bake! But the paranoia in me started thinking of all possible things that could go wrong in my very first baking attempt.

Then, I googled for “how to bake with Betty Crocker” and much to my surprise, I saw a YouTube video of a 5-year-old girl baking with Betty Crocker cake mix and I was completely in awe!

It’s really that EASY! I quickly ran out to buy margarine and eggs. These are the only two ingredients that I need to make chocolate chip cookies using Betty Crocker Cookie Mix. Here’s sharing with you how easy peasy it is to make our kids’ favourite chocolate chip cookies.


1 pack of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
½ cup of margarine
1 egg



1. Heat the oven to 375°F. In a medium bowl, stir Cookie Mix, margarine and egg until soft doughs form.



2. Drop dough by rounded teaspoonfuls 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.


3. Bake for 10 minutes until edges are light golden brown. Allow the cookies to cool for one minute before removing from cookie sheet.


As you can see, I don’t even need an electrical mixer or multiple utensils. So, it’s ideal for people who seldom bake and do not wish to invest so much in baking utensils that they will hardly use, as well as those who have never baked before.

There is also minimal clean-up after the baking. For those who have acquired the mindset that baking is “hard work” with messy flour and ingredients scattered all over, it’s time to change your perception and find baking fun and easy again.

Edison loves eating our bakes fresh out of the oven. The way he sneakily steals a bite from the freshly baked cookies reminds me of the many occasions I did when I was baking with my mum during my childhood. It was such a fun bonding activity with him.

bc_spoon_sigspoon_4cPour – Mix – Bake

My worries are completely unfounded as it couldn’t be any easier to bake with Betty Crocker. It’s totally fuss-free – all in a box with minimal additions, just mix and pop them into an oven, and good tasting treats will be ready in minutes! In fact, Edison has been asking for another fun baking session next weekend.


If you’ve been wondering how to get your kids involved in baking, Betty Crocker is a good choice for you. Baking is pretty much like a cook science lesson where they learn about why certain ingredients act the way they do, understand measurements (like volume, weight and temperature), reading ingredients, and following instructions.

Baking with Betty Crocker is also a great way to boost children’s confidence as the results are quick for everyone to enjoy. When they show off their home-baked food to their classmates, they feel a sense of pride and love too.

The best part of today’s baking session is when Edison proudly demonstrating his new baking skills. For the first time, he mixed the dough, put them onto the cookie sheet, placed them into the oven and turned it on. When the buzzer went off, he squealed with delight as the smell of the chocolate chip cookies filled the air.

It was all paying off! The whole cookie baking experience was a joy; he was proud of his own achievement as he enjoyed his freshly baked cookies. I was happy and proud of him too.

To the mothers, it’s the perfect way to get your kids to eat healthily and avoid buying junk food from the school canteen to satisfy their sweet tooth. I’d say it’s a smart way to control what our kids are eating outside and at school.

Now that I’ve discovered a newfound love in baking, it brings me so much joy and satisfaction. What you and your kids will get from your baking experience is pretty awesome! Thus, I encourage you to give it a try – bake for your kids, and bake with your kids once in a while. With Betty Crocker, it’s so easy and nothing could go wrong.

Chocolate chip cookies from my first baking attempt

Let’s unleash your inner domestic goddess today with Betty Crocker! If you’re already baking with Betty Crocker, share with me your favourite recipe – I love to hear from you too.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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