Maintaining my Weight after CSH Therapy® at Absolute Slimming

It’s a fact that many people who shed their pounds off have difficulty maintaining their weight. That scary truth – I knew it because I’ve been on various weight-loss programs for the past 5 years but I failed to maintain my weight until I joined Absolute Slimming this year.

Last month, I shared my weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming on THIS POST. In a short span of 25 days, I lost 4.2kg plus 4.5cm off my waist! The results were impressive and visible. Even V complimented that the rounder parts on my body have “shrunk”. And a friend whom I’ve not met for 2 years recently commented that I’ve slimmed down so much. I was completely over the moon LOL.

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

CSH therapy® developed by Absolute Slimming is a home-grown and all-natural slimming solution that consists of cupping, scraping and heat treatment therapy. It aims to restore the body’s natural metabolic functions to achieve fast, natural and sustainable weight loss results with 99% success rate!

With that said, the key advantage is being sustainable in the long term. You don’t need to worry about weight rebound (but pls be realistic – don’t try to eat fried chicken every day!). Once your metabolic functions are restored, your body can burn calories more efficiently and you can maintain your weight effortlessly.

Sounds too good to be true? Tsk, ladies, I got you! Let me share with you how my weight has been faring so far.

It’s been almost 3 months since I completed my 8 sessions of CSH therapy, and my weight is still the same. Here’s the proof – reading taken just yesterday (pardon my ugly feet).

Weight Loss

Just to recap, my weight before the treatment was 57.8kg and it went down to 53.4kg after 8 sessions in 4 weeks. I lost 4.2kg and 4.5cm off my waist.

Honestly, with such impressive results in a short duration of time, I’m more worried than anyone else that I might put on weight after the treatment. However, Irene, the founder of Absolute Slimming, assured me that in most cases, there won’t be an issue with weight rebound.

The main reason why CSH therapy® prevents weight rebound is because it increases my metabolism to the point where my body can burn fats more efficiently. Therefore, even if I do gain a little bit of weight after a weekend of binging, my weight will drop back much easier and faster after that.

So, I decided to put my worry aside and live happily with my slimmer body LOL. I went for buffet every weekend (thanks to all the irresistible 1-for-1 offer!). Yikes! I could gained up to 2kg after all the feastings. But few days later, my weight dropped back to ~53kg even though I didn’t deliberately eat lesser after that. This took me by SURPRISE and proved the effectiveness of the treatment. My weight is certainly much easier to maintain now. Yayyy!

I rarely post full body pictures on my blog. Today will be exception as I’ll be posting three in one shot LOL. Prior joining Absolute Slimming, I was never be able to wear a playsuit due to my awful big butts… but now I CAN! *throw confetti*

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

Absolute Slimming

Now, I need to reiterate the main difference between CSH therapy® and other weight-loss programs. CSH therapy® addresses the root cause of most weight problems – which is a slowing metabolism – in a natural and lasting way, and that’s what makes it so successful. But other methods such as slimming pills, extreme diets, or exercise don’t actually fix your metabolism in the long run, and only cause your body to burn fats for as long as you can stick to your regime. That is why once you stop dieting or eating slimming pills, it’s not uncommon for your weight to rebound very quickly.

Now, even though CSH therapy® is such a great program, just 1-2 months of it won’t guarantee that your metabolism will be fixed forever! After treatment, we still need to take care of our own bodies. I got to be honest here. If we constantly overeat or eat at irregular hours over a prolonged period, it will definitely undo the effects of the treatment at some point. If you’re someone who needs help with your weight in the long run, you can consider having a maintenance program with Absolute Slimming after you’ve achieved your target weight.

At Absolute Slimming, once you’re a customer, you’re always a customer. Their care and attention didn’t end after your last treatment. You can always go back for consultation and maintenance. That’s why I’m keeping them as my slimming and health partner. Safe, reliable, great service, effective results… I could go on and on, haha!

A few readers asked if I have started any maintenance treatment so far. The answer is NO. I find that my weight is still VERY manageable so far. These are 4 strategies that I use to maintain my weight, and I’d love to share them with you today.

4 Strategies for Keeping the Weight off for Good

1. Don’t snub the scale, never!

I weigh myself every week to make sure pounds aren’t creeping back. I’ve set the limit at 54kg and if I ever go beyond that, I need to take SERIOUS actions to calibrate myself.

2. Reduce carbo intake & eat healthily

During my consultation at Absolute Slimming, I learnt a lot of useful tips to eat healthily and easy alternatives to my current lifestyle. For instance, I traded my favourite 3-in-1 White Coffee (180 kcal) to black coffee (40 kcal). Without much efforts, I cut down 280 kcal daily from my daily coffee intake (2 cups/day). I also choose protein over carbo these days.

3. Discipline and discipline

Since I started my treatment, the treatment has curbed my appetite and I’ve stopped mindless night snacking. That’s the best thing about it. I keep healthy snacks like cherry tomatoes and eat them moderately between meal times.

4. Exercise

Exercise is still the best way to keep myself in good shape and good health. I make sure to go to the gym at least once a week.

They say losing weight is only half the battle won, keeping the weight off is another. If you’ve ever been on a weight-loss program, do share with me how you keep your weight off. I’d love to hear from you too!

Lastly, if you can’t lose weight no matter what you do, I’d highly recommend Absolute Slimming CSH therapy® to you.


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Claudia September 21, 2017 at 11:20 PM

Yeah! Congrats. I’m heading back to get myself back in shape end of the year… missing those days when I can stepped into h&m and try on every piece of dresses and jumpers. Lol!

Emily September 22, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Thanks Claudia! Yes, the feeling is GREAT when you can fit into any piece that you choose and look confident in it. 🙂 I wish I have time to do another cycle and get down to 50kg.. haha! But work has been hectic recently and my boy’s exam is coming soon. Hope to re-start again end of the year.

Cindy September 22, 2017 at 12:29 PM

Hi Emily.. can you let me know how long is one session and how fast are you seeing results?

Emily September 25, 2017 at 11:46 AM

Hi Cindy,
One sessions takes about an hour and I was seeing visible results from 3rd session onwards.

Alexa September 27, 2017 at 1:43 AM


I am very inspired to try them out after reading your entry and have just booked a session. Wish me luck and thanks for sharing! 🙂

Emily September 27, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Hi Alexa,
Thanks for letting me know. All the best and good luck to you. I’m sure you will experience great results within a month. 🙂

Mag September 29, 2017 at 10:49 AM

I have signed up too. Hope it works for me. So inspired by your results!


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