Hi! I’m Emily, happily married to Venneth and have an active 10-year-old boy named Edison. I was born in Ipoh and I’ve been staying in Singapore for 20 good years. I truly enjoy my life in this unique island. By now, I must say that I love Singapore char kway teow as much as Ipoh bean sprout chicken.

I started working in Singapore after I graduated from University Technology of Malaysia with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical/Electronics. I pursued my post graduate study in National University of Singapore and obtained my Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering in year 2004.

My Family

My husband, Venneth, has a great passion for cooking. He cooks yummy food at home that makes me grow (in waistline!). Loving, dependable and supportive are words that I will use to describe him. We’ve been fortunate to live a very blessed life together, full of love and adventures for the past seven years.

Little Edison, our dear son, is turning eight this year and by no means perfect. But he’s more than what I can ever ask for in a son, in a person. Together, we enjoy our family life, we travel and experience new places, we enjoy good food, and we adore simple pleasures in life.

Family Picture

My Career

I’m currently working in a managerial position in a multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States. I plan for the supply of products based on their demand. I deal with numbers everyday – customer forecast, build plan, inventory level, product cost, production capacity, safety stocks, lead time, yield, delivery performance etc. Ultimately, my goals are to deliver what the customers want and to help the company to achieve its revenue targets.

On Parenting

Life is always beautiful and full of surprises with children. Edison brings joy and happiness to my life. The experience in raising him has been bitter sweet. I’ve learnt so much for the past seven year and I’m still learning. I realise I’m not perfect; thus I continually gain insights and inspirations from parenting books and websites.

Seriously, I do feel that being a full-time working mother is not easy. To juggle a crazy work schedule, but also find time to nurture her child while keeping everything else in her life afloat, it really takes a super mom to achieve that. So, am I a super mom too? :p

My Interests

The moments I’m not working, I enjoy taking pictures, shopping, reading, writing and learning new skills. I love blogging too and I can spend hours trying to figure out what HTML and CSS is all about.

I also enjoy reading parenting blogs, magazines and books. I’m a proactive mother who is constantly talking to people, exchanging parenting tips and ideas. I read, I write and I share what I’ve learned and experienced in this wonderful world of motherhood.

Oh wait, I’m passionate about photography, skincare, make-up, fashion, accessories and designer bags too.

About This Blog

This blog was originally started to document my son’s childhood and developmental milestones. Hopefully when he grows up and reads this blog, it will bring him all his fond childhood memories. It also allows me to reflect on the precious moments that have gone but certainly not forgotten.

This blog also chronicles my life as a woman, wife and mother. You’ll see me exploring and embracing the joys of motherhood. You’ll also read tips about parenting, working motherhood, family travel and kid’s education on this blog. From time to time, I also write reviews on products and services that I genuinely like.

Disclaimer: Certain posts may contain sponsored content. Sponsored content is always clearly marked as such – any form of compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts published on this blog.

Contact Me

I love to hear from my readers. I read and I treasure every single comment on my blog. Occasionally, I receive nice and encouraging comments from my readers. They really made my day! You know, a lot of hard works go into taking pictures, editing them, doing research, writing a blog post and designing a blog. A little credit goes a long way, it’s true!

Last but not least, you can reach me via e-mail or Facebook at ourlittlesmarties[at]gmail[dot]com.

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