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8 Things in My Bag

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Urban – a weekly supplement of The Straits Times that is released every Friday, and it talks about the latest fashion, make-up and accessories. That’s one of my favorite reads, definitely!

There is one particular column in Urban that I seldom miss – that is the “8 Things in Her Bag” column. It talks about the things that a person of interest (usually celebrities or models) is carrying in her bag.

Today, just for fun, I’ll blog about the 8 things in my bag.

8 Things in my Bag

8 Things in my Bag

LV Neverfull is my personal favorite and it’s also one of the bags that I frequently use. I like it because of its classic design and open tote shape that works perfectly as an everyday bag. It can hold a lot of things without looking bulky.

I can also turn it into a city-bag by tightening the side laces. So, it looks smaller and neater. Perfect for office use when I don’t need to carry a lot of things.

On weekends, these are the 8 things in my bag:

8 Things in my Bag

1. My iPad in a pink leather cover

This iPad is my #1 in-car entertainment system. It also keeps our five-year-old entertained while waiting for food to be served in a restaurant, and our thirty-five-year-old engaged when I’m trying out clothes in the fitting room!

Honestly, it also keeps me entertained when our five-year-old is playing in the playground, and when our thirty-five-year-old is busy shopping for his stuffs.

In other words, it keeps everyone entertained. Happy.

2. My iPhone

Need I say more? Everyone has a smartphone!

3. My Canon camera in a brown leather cover

I love going around taking pictures of my boy and things that inspire me. This Canon S95 is the camera that I use to take most of the pictures on my blog.

4. My Kate Spade wallet

V commented that this long wallet is a complete waste of space. I used to adore it because it has plenty of slots for my credit cards. But now, I find it a little heavy and bulky. It’s time to change to a smaller wallet, perhaps.

8 Things in my Bag

5. A small pouch for other cards

I use a separate pouch to keep all my discount and membership cards. I’ll bring it only when I go for shopping.

8 Things in my Bag

6. Spare clothes for Little Edison

I bring an extra set of clothing and a light jacket that doesn’t take up too much space – in case the air-conditioner is too cold or when he accidentally stained his clothes. This boy is a clean-freak, and he refuses to wear a stained clothes. I keep them in a large zip lock bag to keep them clean.

7. His favorite snacks in a smaller zip lock bag

I find it really useful to have snacks on hand whenever the boy needs it. And I keep them in a smaller zip lock bag. By now, you should have noticed that I like to use a lot of zip lock bags because they keep my things clean and organized. But not very environmental-friendly though.

8 Things in my Bag

8. Pouch for personal things

Lastly, I have another pouch to keep my personal things, i.e. tissue papers, comb, lubricant eye drops (because I wear contact lens) etc. This mommy is also a clean-freak who cannot leave the house without a hand sanitizer and antibacterial wet wipes!

What do you have in your bag? I love to hear from you too!