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DIY Flashcards

Photographic Memory Game

I'm going to play this photographic memory game with little Edison. It is similar to what our sensei taught in the class. What we need to prepare for this game? 1. Print out the pictures attached HERE. Total: 3 pages. 2. Cut…

DIY Flashcards

DIY Flashcards #11: Human Body

  Another new set of DIY flash cards for download today. Tips: When I flashed these cards to Edison for the first 3 times, I did it at a slower speed. I pointed to the respective body parts when…

DIY Flashcards

Numbers Flashcards

Our toddler's vocabulary is increasing day by day. They are aware of the words used to describe everyday objects and ideas. We can enhance their awareness by teaching them numbers and colours. Flash cards are always my best teaching aids.…

Education & Enrichment

Learning English Kids

I stumbled upon a very interesting website named Learning English Kids by British Council this morning. It is a website for children to learn English through games, songs, writing, stories and other activities. We can play the games online…

DIY Flashcards Education & Enrichment

Eye Training

This is another interesting training to improve our children's speed learning. Eye training can broaden the field of vision. As a result, the eyes are able to read bigger areas at one glance.…

DIY Flashcards Education & Enrichment

Linking Memory

Our sensei at Shichida Method has introduced the Linking Memory program at the beginning of this term. However, little Edison shows very little interest in it. The Linking Memory is a unique memory program that is designed based on…