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Monthly Skincare Favourites – April 2015

I plan to start writing my monthly skincare favourites to showcase hot new products – even if they’re just new for me – I want to share these good stuffs with you. There will be an in-depth review of…


Kose Sekkisei Supreme – New!

Most of us are fond of white skin and we put in our best efforts to keep our skin tone whiter. Skin whitening products are becoming increasingly popular in the past few years. The main purpose of skin whitening…

Beauty Product Review

Seikisho Mask White by Kose

It is called Mask White, but it is absolutely BLACK! I've been using Kose Mask White for more than a year now. Being a mask junkie, I've tried all types of masks: peel-off, wash-off or mask sheets. But Kose Mask…