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Product Review: Kumon Workbooks

Kumon Workbooks

I’ve started the Kumon workbooks with Little Edison for about two weeks now. So far, it has been positive and our boy enjoys doing the workbooks so much.

Here are my reviews about the workbooks:

Great Illustrations and straight to the point

Kumon really does an excellent job in making the illustrations and pages so clear, uncluttered and straight to the point. I’ve seen some other workbooks that have complicated instructions or colorful cartoon characters that makes children hard to concentrate. I’ve also seen some that are too dull and boring.

Kumon workbooks have the right balance. They aren’t too dull or distracting. In addition, the workbooks are thick and they have very good paper quality. Each page of the workbook has a lot of white spaces so the child has plenty of room to show his/her work.

The philosophy of gradually increasing the challenge

The biggest distinction that I observe in Kumon workbooks is that they use a philosophy to start the child simple from the beginning of the book, and then gradually increasing the challenge.

When you initially pick up the book, you may find that it is not advanced enough. However, the child is able to start out with confidence to work on the seemingly simple questions, and then gradually progresses to the more challenging questions.

When a good foundation is developed from the beginning of the book, the child is less to get frustrated. It then becomes almost seamless to progress to the next level of questions.

Sample Pages of Easy Telling Time Workbook

Little Edison really enjoy working on the Easy Telling Time workbook. He finds that learning about time is so much fun. He’s learning to draw the short and long hands of the clock. He’s pretty good with digital clocks and now, I’ve been encouraging him to learn how to read the time on a real clock using this workbook.

Sample Pages of My Book of Numbers 1 to 20

He also enjoys My Book of Numbers 1 to 120. He can write the numbers very well now, and he’s also good in numbers recognition. So, he progressed very quickly to the next levels of writing the missing numbers from 50 and above.

Overall, I find that these workbooks are really fantastic. The price is quite reasonable too. And I think both parents and children will enjoy these books because they combine learning with fun.

For more information about the books, you can visit Kumon’s website and it has an extensive catalog of their workbooks and sample pages.