Hard to Let Go


Perhaps, the most significant change to me this year is waking up at this ungodly hour every weekday morning. Yes, it’s 5 plus in the morning. *yawn*

I set my alarm at 5:45am, but somehow, my system has adjusted to the new routine faster than I’ve expected. I usually wake up 5 to 10 mins before the alarm buzzes off. I don’t want to get back to sleep again, otherwise I will risk oversleeping.

After I shower and prepare breakfast for Edison, I wake him up at 6:15am. Within half an hour, he cleans up, takes his breakfast and change into his uniform. We leave the house at 6:45am. When we drive out from the carpark, the sky is still dark. *yawn again*

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The Call That Brightens Up My Day


Ever since Little Edison discovered the marvel of telephone, he has been calling me every day when I’m at work. Sometimes he calls up to four times a day to share with me about an event at school, what he has for lunch, what TV program that he’s watching, and what other monkey business that he’s doing at home.

I welcome all these calls as I often find them very amusing. Somehow, they ‘connect’ me with his routine even though I’m not with him physically. But in my mind, I can imagine what he’s doing from these phone calls.

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Towards a Guilt-Free Motherhood (Part 2)


It was 8pm on a Tuesday night. Little Edison was taking his own sweet time, munching on his apple, and watching the TV. I was anxious to return to our home from my PIL’s house, but the boy has not even taken his shower.

I was tired and my face was ‘black’, but he didn’t notice it. I packed up our things and I told him angrily to continue eating very slowly until 10pm, because I’ll be leaving without him. Then, I dumped our things into the car and pretended to start the engine.

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