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Everyday Things

Hard to Let Go

Perhaps, the most significant change to me this year is waking up at this ungodly hour every weekday morning. Yes, it’s 5 plus in the morning. *yawn* I set my alarm at 5:45am, but somehow, my system has adjusted…

About Edison

The Call That Brightens Up My Day

Ever since Little Edison discovered the marvel of telephone, he has been calling me every day when I’m at work. Sometimes he calls up to four times a day to share with me about an event at school, what…


Towards a Guilt-Free Motherhood (Part 2)

It was 8pm on a Tuesday night. Little Edison was taking his own sweet time, munching on his apple, and watching the TV. I was anxious to return to our home from my PIL’s house, but the boy has…


Towards a Guilt-Free Motherhood (Part 1)

Before I have Little Edison, I had no idea that being a mother would involve carrying around a huge sack of guilt. A totally unnecessary sack of guilt, I should elaborate, but no matter how hard I try to…


Things I Love About Motherhood

What makes us love being a mom? What inspires us? What makes us happy and gives us the energy? I gave it a thought and here is my list of things that makes me love being a mom. I’m…

Work-Life Balance

Strike a Balance

One of those little things that V and I promised each other is that we must try to return home and have dinner together, with Little Edison every day. Family dinner is the most important part of my day.…

Work-Life Balance

Working, Motherhood & Without a Helper

Working, motherhood and without a helper – the days can easily fly by in a flurry of rushed meals, daily routines and chasing project deadlines. It is crucial to use every free moment to get everything done and make…