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NTUC First Campus – It Began With You

Being a pre-school teacher is certainly a great and fulfilling job, but definitely not an easy one. If you love children and are willing to take up the challenges to inspire young lives, step forward and send your resume…

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The New Kindergarten Curriculum Framework

Finally, I saw what I wanted to see – the new kindergarten curriculum framework released by the MOE recently. If you’re a kindergarten parent, I’m sure at some point, you’ll wonder how much should you prepare your children for…

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Parent-Teacher Meeting 2011

I can’t believe how quickly two school terms have come and gone. Little Edison has almost completed half a year in school and the June school holiday is about to begin. No more dragging him out of bed, no…

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Childcare or Kindergarten

In order to clear my doubts on preschool education, I get myself a copy of Preschool Guide (Vol. 6 2008/2009) published by Young Parents. In this guide, there is a comprehensive listing of kindergartens and childcare centers in Singapore.…

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Preschool Education

Being a first-time mother is always nerve wrecking, especially when it comes to new things that we are not aware of. Recently, there are so much talks in the forum about picking a kindergarten, nursery or childcare for their children.…