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Education & Enrichment

Primary One is Almost Over!

I learnt enough from my friends and peers to believe that the day he started Primary One, he would bid farewell to his childhood. He will spend the next few years locked up in school and tuition centres. He…

Education & Enrichment

Starting Primary One: Term 3 Update

I can’t believe that Term 3 is coming to an end soon. “Time flies” is indeed an understatement in our times. Don’t you agree? Much to my delight, Term 3 seems to be the shortest and easiest so far.…

Education & Enrichment

Starting Primary One: Parent Involvement

How times have changed, I thought as I was reading the e-mail from my son’s teacher. During my time, teachers will only communicate with the parents when their kids ran into problems at school – that’s mainly disciplinary problems.…

Everyday Things

Hard to Let Go

Perhaps, the most significant change to me this year is waking up at this ungodly hour every weekday morning. Yes, it’s 5 plus in the morning. *yawn* I set my alarm at 5:45am, but somehow, my system has adjusted…