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Saturday Snapshot: At the Pool

Our living room is facing the swimming pool, so Little Edison has been listening to all the excitement and laughter created by the kids playing in the pool area. When this happens, he will request me to bring him…

About Edison

Great Time for a Dip

The weather is crazy. It’s getting so hot these days. Great time for a dip in the pool, soOoo good that he doesn’t feel like coming out! He doesn’t know how to swim yet, but he’s becoming more daring…


Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet water theme park has been in operation since its opening in year 2000. It features a host of exciting rides suitable for little ones, teens as well as adults. It is famous for its Ular-Lah, the…

About Edison

Water fun!

When it comes to play, little Edison doesn’t mind getting wet. Water play is both enjoyable and inexpensive! We only need a wet suit and a pool of water. We are lucky to have a baby pool at our…