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Saturday Snapshot: At the Pool

Our living room is facing the swimming pool, so Little Edison has been listening to all the excitement and laughter created by the kids playing in the pool area.

When this happens, he will request me to bring him for a dip into the pool – more often now after our recent staycation at Festive Hotel.

There are three swimming pools in our apartment – an adult pool, a Jacuzzi pool and a children’s wading pool. The children’s wading pool is only 0.5m deep, so he can “swim” around easily with a float and with minimal supervision from me.

Usually, there are other children playing in the wading pool. So, he can happily join them. We like to hop over to the Jacuzzi pool too because the water is warmer. The pool is unblocked, so it has direct sunlight. By late afternoon, the water in the Jacuzzi pool is so warm and nice!

Now, I’m wondering what the ideal age to start joining swimming lessons is. In fact, there are a few swimming instructors in our apartment. So, it’s quite convenient to enroll him. Maybe Year 2013 will be a good time to start. What do you think? 🙂