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That’s My Joy of Parenting!

In this post, I’m reflecting on my joy of parenting in my six years of parenthood. Thanks to Little Edison, my life is now more complete, meaningful and fulfilling!…


Let’s Talk About the Enhanced Parenthood Package

So the biggest talk in town this week is the $2 billion Enhanced Marriage and Parenthood Package, and the new subsidy framework for childcare and infant care services. What I get is only additional two days of childcare leave…

About Edison

What I Like Best About My Son?

A friend recently asked me what I like best about my son. I love this question and I felt a strong urge to answer her. With his presence, each day I can find something that is better than the…


Quality time vs. Quantity of time

I’m so delighted to hear that my company will be extending our 4-day work week arrangement to March. In fact, I’m craving for more off days now. With the shorter work week, I can spend more time with my…