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Bye-Bye Baby Fats!

Little Edison turned 16 months last weekend. He tips the scales at 10kg, making me a little worried with the number. I thought he has passed the 10kg mark months ago! *Blur Mummy!* Dr. Allyson Tan (Edison’s PD) assures me that he is growing up well and this puts my mind at ease.

People often say that children will lose their baby fats as they grow. In fact, this is quite true. Take a look at these pictures:

  • Edison at 16 months – he shed off those baby fats due to his activeness.

Edison - 16 months

  • Edison at 2.5 months – the chubbier version.

Edison - 2.5 months

Oh, how I missed those chubby cheeks, adorable round belly and roly-poly tummy!

For many decades, plumpness is seen as an indication of health. Chubby babies are seen as cute and healthy. People coo over them and pinch their cheeks. These extra ‘meat’ often pleases the old folks too.

On the flip side, some parents worry that chubbiness can leads to obesity at the later age. Overweight children are becoming common nowadays and are bad for health. The belief that ‘bigger is better’ is no longer true. Doctors say, heavier does not mean healthier.

In fact, I think preventing obesity is far better than spending a lifetime fighting it. Agree?

To me, moderation is the best approach. Don’t overfeed or underfeed. Little Edison eats nutritious food, drinks milk in between meals and snacks on bread and biscuits. He also takes cod liver oil everyday. He is happy eating just the right amount of food.


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on this, i totally agree. i am tired of answering and hearing abt how much your kid weighs. come on, do you actually go and ask each of your fren how much they weigh everytime they meet ?

i conclude that the only reason is coz there is nothing else to compare (since they have no grades to talk about yet). I am rolling my eye, everytime, i hear abt weight & height.