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Edison – 16 months


Little Edison is now 16 months old! He has grown to be a real chatterbox. He babbles a lot recently, although he is still unable to speak proper words consistently.

He’s a good sleeper. He sleeps 10 hours through the night and 2-3 hours in the day. He is taking 600ml of formula milk and two solids a day. He loves oatmeal, bread, banana and orange juice. He dislikes porridge, rice, vitagen and noodles. He is a fussy-eater; makes me worry about him not getting enough nutrition.

He has 14 teeth now. We brush his teeth once a day. We shower him twice a day. He is a clean freak. Soiled diaper turns him off.

He gets bored very easily. He prefers running around than watching TV. Sometimes I wish I have an additional pair of eyes at the back of my head!

He is obsessed with flash cards, books and music.

He is toilet trained for the whole day, except when he sleeps.

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Godpa Kenneth January 12, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Definitely, a wise nice initiative to put up this nice and memorable storybook for Little Edison.

Little Edison, my dear godson, has most impressively progressed from a clueless baby piglet to an intelligent and capable boy. I always tell my sis-in-law (the award-winning author of this best selling book – Our Little Smarties) that when we were all at Edison’s age, we couldn’t even attained a spoonful of edison’s achievement.

Together as a strong bonded and close knitted family, we will continue to nourish him with food, nurture him with love, shower him with knowledge and teach him with good morals.

Walk slowly boy.. This road is long. But if you walk slowly and learn attentively, you will realise that this world is actually a very colourful and meaningful playhouse. This world is your playground.

The One And Only January 13, 2009 at 2:42 AM

My dear wife Emily,

Through all the valuable time ,efforts and qualities that you have invested. Im going to present u a rewarding Award – A Ladies ROLEX half gold/platinium,Auto,gold Bezel,embossed with 12 Diamond dials.Will promise to choose bigger diamonds for u.

As for your Pink VW Beetles, wait till u get ur CL 3. We go for a spin.


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