Evening Playtime

Everyday, I rush to knock off from work at 6pm and reaching my PIL’s house by 6:30pm. I’ll have an hour of playtime with little Edison before the dinner is served. We play hide-and-seek, walk around the neighborhood, watch the dogs, pluck some flowers, laugh and enjoy our time. It’s a wonderful evening playtime for us. It helps me to relish my time of motherhood.

Waters the plant

Edison: “Grandpa, I’ll help you water the plants.”

Takes a pail

Edison: “Grandpa, the water is not enough! I’ll take a pail.”


Edison: “Grandpa! Look! I found a frog here!” [Don’t freak out, it’s not a real frog!]

Oh well, that’s my ‘always busy’ boy.

Nowadays, he found himself a lovely spot in the house compound to have his dinner. He dines while enjoying the greenery, gentle cool breeze and watching the children playing badminton next door. 

. .

Enjoying life, huh?! 



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