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Happy Ox Year!

luckycharGong Xi Fa Cai to all my readers! Let’s moo forward to a bullish year ahead!

CNY is a time for reunion when families gather; neighbours, relatives and friends pop up at our doors to celebrate the arrival of spring. Everything is new, red and rowdy.

Reunion dinner plays a big part on the dining table on the CNY eve. Family members gather for this most important dinner of the year. We had our reunion dinner at the Paramount Restaurant this year. My MIL has specially booked a room for the convenience and comfort of our little Edison. We had a sumptuous dinner and little Edison enjoyed himself too.

Reunion Dinner

We usually have our ‘Lo Hei’ session during the reunion dinner. Lo Hei symbolizes prosperity and longevity; and it’s one of the most important CNY dishes. Besides being full of flavors and textures, Lo Hei Yu Sheng is also loaded with symbolic meaning. The raw ingredients signify the renewal of life, and the word ‘fish’ or ‘yu’ in Cantonese sounds like the word for prosperity.

Well, the most important and fun part of Lo Hei is the mixing together of the ingredients. We shout “Lo Hei!” which means “to mix it up” but also sounds like “to prosper more and more” while we use our chopsticks to toss the ingredients as high in the air as they can. We enjoy the process as much as the food! 🙂

Let's Lo Hei!

Yummy! It was a great dinner!


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