I Like WordPress!

i love wordpressIt has been two weeks since I started blogging with WordPress. It has been an interesting transition, I have to say. I love WordPress and everything that it can offer – from plug-ins to themes, and I like getting the full control of my blog. 

When I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, I had two options. I could start fresh, or I could import all of my Blogger content to the new WordPress platform. I actually put quite a bit of thought into that… and I decided NOT to import my old posts into this new blog.


The reason is pretty simple – search engines hate duplicate contents. If I want to move all my posts to my new blog, then I’ll have to close my Blogger blog entirely. I will lose all my current traffic to my Blogger blog. Actually, I’m not very concerned about the traffic, but it’s the 179 posts that I’ve written for over a year. Why mess with all of that?! I definitely don’t want to lose them.

Now, let me share what I like about WordPress:

1. Ownership – With the self-hosted version of WordPress, we have the ownership rights and we are free to write about anything we want. We have full control over our content. Unlike Blogger blogs, Google owns their contents. Google has the authority to shutdown a blog without warning.

2. Plug-ins – This is probably the biggest advantage WordPress has over Blogger. There are literally thousands of plug-ins available to enhance a blog from an administrative or visitor aspect. Using these plug-ins, we can easily extend our blog functionality and customize them the way we desire.

3. Themes – There are many themes to choose from and most of them are premium quality. With the correct choice of theme and plug-ins, we can make a WordPress blog looks like a normal website, a forum or even a magazine-portal.

4. Faster Publishing – I’m not sure if any one of you experienced this, sometimes it takes forever to post an entry to a Blogger blog! With WordPress, publishing is much faster and less frustrating.

But but but…

There is no doubt that setting up a blog with Blogger is much easier than WordPress. For Blogspot, all you need is just 10 minutes! However, installing WordPress can be a major headache (if you don’t know what you are doing!). If you are hosting it on your own, you’ll need to download the installation files, upload them into your server, set-up a database and run the configuration script.

I’m lucky to have Bryan‘s help in all these techie works. Otherwise, I’ll probably need one year to set-up this blog!

Enough said… WordPress is awesome, WordPress rocks! 🙂


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Very well said! I’ll have to agree the it’s the flexibility of self-hosted WordPress that makes it so awesome. 😀