My Little Helper

Little Edison knows that CNY is around the corner. He volunteers to do spring cleaning for me.

He cleans the coffee table.

Edison cleans the table

He cleans the glass window.

Edison cleans the window

Lastly, he cleans the floor too.

Edison cleans the floor

The next thing Iโ€™ll do is probably to buy him a little apron (in case he wants to help out in the kitchen).

Help or hinder? Doesn’t matter. He enjoys cleaning and I enjoy watching him. When he grows up, he will definitely be my good helper!

Good job, my little prince!


6 thoughts on “My Little Helper

  1. Emily,
    Oh.. Edison is using the new product of the magic clean company.. the duster!! haha..
    I also bought one, but yet to use it..

    Can u help me ask Edison whether is it good to use??? haha…

    He looked so serious when he did the “cleaning”…

    1. Little Edison’s reply: Oh, Auntie Magdalene… this magic duster cleans very well, light and easy to use.. Good buy! Hehehe!

      My reply: It’s indeed a good product. But after the cleaning session by Edison, the glass window is full of his finger prints! My poor maid has to clean it again! ….

  2. look at his attentive and serious look….hee
    i think bb at this stage luv to imitate, each time maegan picks up a tissue paper, she will go wipe the table. hahaha

  3. Dear Mothers of your lovely child, thanks for dropping by to visit and read the dailies of little Edison.

    Oh yes, little Edison has a strong flair for impersonating adults and regurgitating whatever we did. If your child also displays similar behaviours, do tactfully encourage them. To me, I always believe that it is one of the many ways our little smarties can learn and (i) develop their instincts, (ii) strengthen their memory power and (iii)coordinate what they just observed into action. Keep your posts coming in. Little Edison likes to hear U.

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