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My Second Photobook

Over at Samantha’s blog, she shared with us her new photobooks. They look so perfect! After reading her post yesterday, I remind myself that I should be making the second photobook for Little Edison. I have so many pictures of him from 11-16 months.

I made my first photobook back in July last year, with pictures of Little Edison from newborn to 10 months. I’ve chosen over 100+ pictures, edited them, re-arranged them and designed my own photobook. The result was wonderful! I was amazed by the superb printing quality and prompt service by Photobook Singapore.

Before I have a chance to click on the photobook application again, I received an e-mail from them this morning. They are launching a buy-one-get-one-free promotion! Eeek! It’s truly irresistible. Make one for ourselves and get a free copy for our family. Sounds good?

Yes! I will be making my photobook again this weekend.

Free PhotoBook


Remember to enter the promotion code “CNYSpecial” at checkout to get a free copy.


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i recd the email too. sooo tempting!!! i hope i have time to organise the photos for another.


Can I use this promotion code since I never order from them b4??
Very tempted to do one each for my kids.