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New Clothings for CNY

I looked at the calendar today and I realized Chinese New Year (CNY) is just one week ahead. I quickly dig out my little master’s new clothes for washing.

It’s the Chinese tradition to wear new clothes from head to toe to symbolize a new beginning in the new year. It will bring good luck for the new year too. In fact, the concept of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ applies to almost everything during the CNY.

Here are the new clothes for my little master:

CNY Clothings

Left: Brown hooded knit top from Fox (present from Edison’s Godpa)
———Cropped jeans from Mothercare (bought by me)

Right: Red shirt from Fox (bought by Daddy)
———–Light blue jeans from JShopper (bought by me)

CNY Clothings 2

Left: Stripe polo shirt (present from Aunty Catherine)

Right: White tee from Pumpkin Patch (bought by me)

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