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Photographic Memory Home Practice

Sometime in Nov last year, I talked about home practice on photographic memory. Do you still remember? I managed to find some good pictures and made them into flash cards. I promised that I will share with you, so please click HERE to download the file.

I have some new ideas for the flash cards. We can actually use Powerpoint clip arts to create two similar pictures. Let me show you two examples:

Example #1:
1. Insert four clip arts into one slide.














2. Copy the first slide over to the second slide. Modify one or two clip arts on the second slide.














3. The clip art on the bottom right of the slide has been changed.

Example #2:
1. Insert one clip art into one slide.














2. Copy the first slide over to the second slide. Add one clip art on the second slide. (I’ve added a sun into the second slide!)














3. These two slides now look slightly different. We can use them to practice on photographic memory.

I’ve made a few flash cards using these methods. If you are interested, please click HERE to download them.



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Thanks for sharing, Emily.

As for the font size, I opt for 12px.
hope it helps


Thanks for sharing, Emily.

May I know if it is necessary to use colour printer for the flash cards?


I tried flashing cards (ready made) to my 2 yrs old boy. But he is too active to sit down for the flash cards. He either snatches the cards or moves away. He will be starting the Shichida Method soon and I am worried he will not be able to follow up.

How do you make Edison concentrates on the flash cards?


Thanks Emily for your encouragement!


Thanks for sharing.

I have a question about photographic memory. When should we start practicing this skill? My child is 1y9 months. Is she old enough ?

bolop agnes

I am a french teacher, living in the east of France. As I was looking for a game or flashcards I found your blog. Just a lot of thanks for your sharing of good ideas AND the taste you have because it is a true pleasure to read your pages, so soft and feminine
Kisses from France!


Hi Emily! I love reading your entries. Your principles and parenting style has struck a chord with me! I chanced upon your blog when I was researching on Shichida classes and found your tips very useful. I have just started on the classes i for my 11mth old son and have attended 2 classes so far. However my son has difficult concentrating on the classes and will get cranky and whiney after 30mins. I know one of the key tips is not to making comparison but i cant help feeling demoralised especially when the rest of the kids in his… Read more »

Dear concernedmomo, I’m sorry for my late reply, I almost missed out your comment. 1. I think every child react differently to the activities taught in class. My son particularly enjoys the photographic memory part, that’s why I made a lot of home practices for him. I do think that the home practice will help in your situation. Home practice will help to create interest in the subject and hopefully it can capture his attention gradually. 2. Have you talked to the teacher about his negative emotions? I guess it’s too early to tell because you’ve just started two lessons.… Read more »


thanks emily! basically he is only intrsd in the songs and things that involved the use of multimedia during the class. not exactly a gd sign though. i cant be playing songs all the way for him during our home prac. yes i have communicated my prob to the teacher and her suggestion is to use the 5 mins suggestion method to correct his behavior. It hasnt worked so far, n it seems like he is turning more n more resistant. I wonder if it’s bcos i already feel demoralised and therefore affected him. in any case, i have asked… Read more »