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Being a SAHM for One Day

Today, Friday 6 Feb 2009, I have a chance to become a SAHM (for one day!). My company has implemented a temporary four-day work week this month to reduce operating cost and to avoid lay-offs.

Although it is going to be annual leave deduction or unpaid leave, all of us are willing to accept this arrangement. For working mothers like me, I definitely appreciate these additional day-offs where I can spend with my little Edison.

This is a small glimpse into a day in my life being a SAHM.

7:30am – It is 7:30am in the morning. Edison is awake. I roll out of my bed, still very sleepy and wish for one more hour of sleep. I feed Edison with 180ml of milk, wash and change him after his feed.

8:15am – I eat my breakfast and read the newspaper. Little Edison has some biscuits for breakfast.

8:45am – I bring Edison out for a morning walk. We go to NTUC for a quick shopping. I bought minced pork, fish, chicken drumlets, carrots, spinach and potato for cooking Edison’s meals.

10:00am – We are back home. Edison is extremely sleepy. He drinks another 180ml of milk and dozes off to dreamland.

12:00 noon – I cook lunch for Edison – threadfin and carrot oatmeal. Then, I bathe him.

1:00pm – We all have our lunch. Pear juice after lunch for little Edison. He enjoys it!

2:00pm – Edison gets busy again. Push his car all around the house. Listen to music. Scribble on his doodle-pro. Play with his stackers. Make lots of noise!

3:00pm – Feeling tired, little Edison goes for his afternoon nap. He woke up an hour later.

4:00pm – He takes his milk feed, 180ml again, and ready to go out for some actions. There we go, from playground to the garden, then to the pool.

5:30pm – I dragged little Edison home as he is still very unwilling to leave. He takes his evening shower.

6:00pm – I take a break and enjoy some cookies while I write this post.

6:45pm – Okay, time to cook dinner for little Edison. His dinner will be chicken and dried scallop with spinach oatmeal.

Wow! As you can see, the day is long, busy and hectic. It’s more tiring than working, I must admit. At the end of the day, I see a crying red face boy as his favourite toy car is spoiled (due to numerous smashing on the floor!).

Crying Edison

Wait a minute, Edison! Mommy is coming!

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