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DIY Flashcards #5: Sky

I realized that I’ve not posted any DIY flash cards on my blog for sometime. I’m still making them, and have a regular home practice session with little Edison. In fact, he enjoys our home practice more than our class in Shichida Method. Should I be happy?


Anyway, here is set # 5. Click HERE to download it.

Title: What can you see in the sky?
1. Sun
2. Star
3. Moon
4. Aeroplane
5. Rainbow
6. Bird
7. Swan
8. Thunder
9. Kite
10. Hot Air Balloon

If you are new to my blog, you may wonder why I start with set # 5. Reason is – the first four sets have been posted in my old blog sometime back. The links are here, in case you are interested in them.

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