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Essential Basic Remedies for Minor Ailments

Being a parent is never easy. One day, we are a doctor, diagnosing the pain in our children. The next day, we are a nurse, administering the appropriate medicine to them. In this modern society, most parents have very good health knowledge and they are able to prescribe medicine to their children’s minor ailments.

I always stock up some basic remedies at home, just in case there is any unexpected medical emergency. These are the ten must-have items in my mini medicine & first aid kit:

1. Paracetamol
A liquid medicine commonly used for the relief of fever, headache and minor pains. Cannot be given to babies under 3 months old without consulting a doctor.

2. Nurofen
An orange flavour syrup, ibuprofen suspension, suitable for children aged between 6 months to 12 years. It is commonly used to treat high fever (>39C). It brings down the fever very quickly.

3. Cough syrup
A liquid medicine for treating different kinds of cough. Rhinathiol 2% is what I’m keeping in my kit.

4. Teething gel
A gel containing local anaesthetic which provides temporary pain relief during teething. We can stop the discomfort by gently rubbing the gel onto our baby’s gums. I always keep a tube of Dentinox® Teething Gel handy.

5. Colic remedies
It relieves colicky pain by dispering the air bubbles trapped in the baby’s tummy. Dentinox® Infant Colic Drops is safe for newborn babies.

6. Nasal decongestant
For the relief of nasal congestion due to the common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and hay fever. Iliadin® has a paediatric and adult range that is suitable for the whole family.

7. Cold pack
Adhere it on the forehead of a feverish child to provide a cooling sensation and soothes fever discomfort. Hisamitsu Bye Bye Fever is my choice.

8. Yu Yee Oil
The most trusted Chinese medication. Treats stomach wind and discomfort in young children.

9. Diaper rash cream
A soothing cream applied to the diaper area to prevent nappy rash. The cream forms a barrier that protects against wetness. Desitin diaper rash cream is the perfect choice.

10. Basic first aid
Thermometer, bandages, plasters, cotton wools and buds, insect bite remedies, alcohol swabs and antiseptic cream.

For new mothers or mothers-to-be, it’s time to tool up your medicine and first aid kit if you don’t have one. I hope this list will be useful to you.  🙂 


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