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Eye Training

This is another interesting training to improve our children’s speed learning. Eye training can broaden the field of vision. As a result, the eyes are able to read bigger areas at one glance.

Eye movement can be improved using three kinds of vision patterns: up down up down, left right left right and the butterfly shape.

Eye training also relaxes the eye muscles. Thus, it is an ideal exercise after the flash card session. During the training, the head should not move while the eyes are tracking the movement of the green ball.

I’m finally done with the home practice materials. If you are interested, you can download them here. Click on View ->  Slide Show to start your practice.


Level 1: Up down up down

Level 2: Left right left right

Level 3: Butterfly shape

The original version was downloaded from the SG Parenting forum, but I modified it to my own preferences and I created the other patterns based on the SM handbook.

I hope you enjoy this eye training with your children. 🙂


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