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His Favorite Snacks

The little engine in Edison is constantly burning fuel. He needs 2-3 small healthy snacks throughout the day to provide him with that extra fuel.

Some of Edison’s favorite snacks are:

1. Gerber Graduates cookies – the animal crackers

Gerber Animal Crackers

2. Gerber Graduates fruit puffs – strawberry apple and banana flavour

Gerber Apple Puffs

3. Morinaga Manna baby biscuits

Manna Baby Biscuits

These snacks are small in size, can be easily handled by his little fingers. He loves to munch them whenever his stomach rumbles!

Excessive snacking can affect our toddler’s meal time. So, we should keep the servings moderate. A healthy snack will supply enough energy to tide them over until mealtime.


What is your toddler’s favorite snacks?

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