About Edison Parenting

Let him walk, Let him explore!


Little Edison is scooting away from babyhood in search of new adventures everyday. His curiosity is at its peak now. “Outside” and “play” become his most common requests. I give him the space and freedom to explore the world, as I believe it’s an important part of his growth.

When we are out, we let him walk on his own and reduce that “stroller time”. As long as he is within the safe boundaries and no dangerous stunts, he has my approval.

Possibilities for outdoor amusement are endless to us. Pick up leaves and rocks, catch bugs, feel the bark on trees, pluck a flower, play a ball, splash the water, play with the sand, and the list goes on. Exploration fosters creativity; it is something fun and exciting for little Edison.

I take a deep breath and make new discoveries with him. My mindset changed before I realized it. I no longer say this: “Edison, don’t touch. It’s dirty!” or “Edison, don’t run, you’ll fall down!”

I am no longer that over-protective mommy. 


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