My Skincare Regime

Ever since I started my first job (or should I say, started making money for myself), I’ve been addicted to skincare. Gorgeous lotions and serums that promise smooth, radiant and luminous skin – I never give them a miss.

In Dec 2007, I’ve started using SKII products. I must agree that they are really good and worth all your investments. Now, I’m using mainly SKII products with a small mix of my old-time fave Kose products.

My daily skincare regime is very simple: cleansing -> toning -> moisturizing. Occasionally, I will use face mask at home. I’ve stopped visiting beauty salon for facial treatments for more than a year now. Surprisingly, my skin still survives despite the stress and lack of sleep.


1. Cleanse with SKII Facial Treatment Cleanser
2. Tone with SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, followed by SKII Facial Treatment Essence
3. Apply SKII Whitening Source Derm-Definition
4. Moisturize with SKII Facial Clear Solution

I’ve just started using the Whitening Source a week ago to combat brown spots on my face (beneath the eye area). 30ml at a whooping price of $153! I hope it really works.

1. Remove make-up with Kose Mousse Cleansing Oil
2. Cleanse with SKII Facial Treatment Cleanser
3. Tone with SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, followed by SKII Facial Treatment Essence
4. Apply SKII Whitening Source Derm-Definition
5. Apply SKII Skin Refining Treatment as my night care
6. Finish off with SKII Advanced Eye Treatment Film

When I’m free, I’ll pamper myself with a mask sheet – the easiest and fastest way to do a facial at home. When I’m lazy and tired, I’ll skip all the above and crash into bed as soon as I wash my face.


So, how do you care for your skin? *grin*


6 thoughts on “My Skincare Regime

  1. Sometimes, its just amazing how natural fermentation can result into the discovery of PITERA, the main ingredient of SKII.

    As for Godpa (myself), I use AESOP and Origins.

    AESOP (Day):

    1)’AESOP Oil Free Hydrating Serum’.

    (It contains Northern Australia Aloe Extract. This oil free serum functions as a light moisturiser for oil phobic skin. Boosted with Anti-oxidants, it packs Vit B-Complex & C into your skin)

    ORIGINS (Night)


    (Prepared by the world’s most famous doctor for Integrative Medicine, Dr Weil led his team of scientist to marry the wonderful people at ORIGINS, to come up with this mushroom elixir. PLANTIDOTE SERUM contains health enhacing Lingzhi as one of its prized component. Though not exactly a moisturiser (for people with drier skin), it feeds your stressed skin with botanical actives, derived only for skin’s consumption. Your skin drinks the nightly potent dose to give you a calmer and more relaxed look.)

    1. It’s distributed through MLM. Their office is at Toa Payoh Hub. If you wanna get a set to try, I have some spare sets to let go cheaper. You can buy 1 first. I bought so many cos I didn’t expect 1 set to last me so long … expiry in end 2010 or early 2011. =)

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