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Outdoor Activities for the Active Toddlers


Little Edison is a little bundle of endless energy! He is on the move 24/7. His playfulness and activeness need a great deal of supervision. Chasing after him is an uphill task for me. If only I could bottle that energy.

He is an outdoor person. He enjoys himself tremendously outdoor. I don’t need a lot of games or toys to keep him occupied. Simply bring him to a playground or park where there is plenty of space for him to run around. You will see that instant glow in him.

I’ve planned a few outdoor activities for him. Top the lists are:

Playing with balls – He will enjoy kicking the ball around as well as catching them.

Riding a bike – Yes! We are going to teach little Edison to ride a tricycle soon.

Playing with sand – A fun activity that fosters creativity.

Flying kites – On a windy day, flying a kite is terrific. He will enjoy seeing his kite flying high in the sky.

Nature Walk – A great form of exercise. Smell the flowers, observe the insects and tell him what he see and hear in nature.

Outdoor activities can be very relaxing & enjoyable for the mothers too. Let’s get rid of those lazy bones in us and get it going to have some fun with your kids.

If you run out of ideas, I’ve something to share with you. I’ve found a wonderful list of kids’ activities in Singapore. It’s definitely a useful guide to plan for your weekend outings. Check it out HERE.



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besides the bursting energy,Edison always look so neat. i think i hv not seen him with his shirt tugged out.

Hey! It’s a really nice post. If you don’t mind I’ll bookmark it to my Mixx bookmarks.