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Most toddlers will find scribbling a lot of fun. Little Edison is just one of them; he is fascinated with the whole scribbling experience. It all started with his Shichida monthly supplementary print sheets.

I’m supposed to read the instructions on the print sheet and demonstrate to him. Then, I’ll let him do it on his own. At this tender age of 17 months, he is not capable of doing it correctly. Nonetheless, our teacher assures me that it’s perfectly fine to let him scribble the way he wants.

The best tool to start off this scribbling activity is the Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers. I like their easy-to-hold short barrels; perfect for our toddler’s little hands and fingers. Their washable ink is non-toxic and easily washed away from skin and most children’s clothings. I bought a set of 16 colors for just $10 at Robinsons.

These are little Edison’s masterpieces… 🙂

Scribbles 1

Scribbles 2


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