Water fun!


When it comes to play, little Edison doesn’t mind getting wet. Water play is both enjoyable and inexpensive! We only need a wet suit and a pool of water. We are lucky to have a baby pool at our place, so little Edison can play in it as long as the weather permits.

He loves to splash and paddle around at his own pace. He hates it when we drag him to the middle of the pool. He definitely needs to learn to be more adventurous.

More water adventures coming up this month at the Wild Wild Wet water theme park. I will update with more pictures.


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Hmm… Im thinking of introducing swimming to my baby soon. Let me get him a swimsuit first. I’ve seem alot. but kinda ex for those that comes with top n bottom.

Bought liao. Hehehe. :P. Nvr really see properly last time. 🙁 Hey, your little prince milk tummy is made visible from his wetsuit. Keke…