Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet water theme park has been in operation since its opening in year 2000. It features a host of exciting rides suitable for little ones, teens as well as adults. It is famous for its Ular-Lah, the first raft slide in Southeast Asia.

With my company’s corporate membership, I managed to get four free tickets. So, we planned for our family outing to Wild Wild Wet last Friday. The weather was sunny but slightly windy; perfect for our outing!

Wild Wild Wet

There are two water playgrounds for young children. Yakult Professor’s Playground was designed around the theme of an experimental laboratory. It features ladders, slides, fountains and hidden water cannons. Every 25 minutes, a huge Yakult bucket tips water down a shelter and on to the people who pass by. Little Edison laughed non-stop whenever he saw the water splashes.

Water Slide

Yippee, on the other hand, is a smaller water playground, targeted at toddlers. Spitting fountains such as fishes and simple water cannons can be found here. At a comfortable depth of 0.1 meter, it is safe even for the most zealous toddler.


Life jackets are available for free. We picked up one for little Edison.

Life Jacket

The Shiok River is my favourite among all the attractions! Spanning 335m in length, skirting the perimeter of the park, we can get a float to spin and move along the currents. It was so relaxing that little Edison almost dozed off into dreamland during the ride.

Shiok River

Wild Wild Wet offers gallons of excitement for kids of all ages. A perfect choice for family outing, especially if you love the water adventures. If you are an NTUC member, you are entitled to their member rates.

It was a fun day for all of us. Our next destination will probably be the Escape Theme Park – another attraction located just next to Wild Wild Wet. 🙂


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Great post! Do check out our coverage of Wild Wild Wet before it’s final completion here!

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