Beautiful Blog Designs by Gis

Good news to all Blogspot bloggers!

Gis has released a new blogger template. It’s called Birdie’s Spring Time. SoooOooo gorgeous, it makes me want to change my template too. But unfortunately, it’s not available in WordPress yet.

The layout is simple, but very pleasing to the eyes. I like the white background with flowers. Check out this awesome template HERE.

I hope Gis will create more WordPress themes in future. I will definitely use her theme on Our Little Smarties.

For blogshop owners, you can consider investing in a custom blog design. Look at these fabulous designs from Gis. They are so beautiful, they definitely worth every penny.

Designs by Gis

I love them to bits! 🙂

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Thanks sweetieeeeee! YOU ARE TOO KIND!
I promess I’ll be making wordpress themes!