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Edison – 18 months

Edison - 18 monthsMy little prince turns 18 months today. He has blossomed into a bundle of curiosity with a demanding mind of his own.

At this age, I would say the biggest reward to me is that he is able to call “mama” every time he sees me. He will hug and kiss me, although he is still a little bit shy.

He continually learns about this world by listening, looking, touching, tasting and smelling. He likes to find out how things work, i.e. turning on a music player or switch, open and close drawers, press buttons on mobile phone etc.

One of his mischievous acts was he switched off the mini fridge in Godpa’s room without anyone’s knowledge. Even my helper didn’t notice it! At the end, the ice melted into a pool of water in the room.

Little Edison always has a lovely surprise in store for us (be it good or bad!). When we ask him to do something, he may actually do it. He can understand a lot more than what we think.

Nowadays, he can even follow simple instructions like keeping his toys in his toy box after playing, throwing unwanted papers into the trash bin etc. But sometimes, he just refuses to accept the word “no” from me.

Edison - at the pool

His favorite activities include emptying and filling containers in paddling pool, scribbling with markers and pens, walking around the neighborhood and watching the stars and moon at night.

Everyday is a busy day for Edison.

I’m so glad to be able to witness his amazing development day by day.  🙂


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Godpa Kenneth

On Sept 11 2007, I received a call from home to announce the arrival of my nephew. Walking to this juncture, I’m sure many would wonder why my nephew is my precious Godson? Having be with Edison for those months, I gradually bear a close affinity to him and would want something more endearing. Hence, I am proud to announce Little Edison as my Godson. Edison is a curious toddler that likes to fiddle and ponders at his surroundings. Armed with a curious mindset and good learning ability, this boy can impersonate what Grandma does and copies what Grandpa completes.… Read more »

Kids at this age can really understand a lot, so we can’t underestimate their comprehensive power. Keep talking and the more he’ll learn. It’s such a fun time watching them responding to what we say, huh? 🙂

Btw, I’ve tagged you in my latest post. I hope you can continue with the tag.