Giving birth very soon

BabyNo, not me! I’m referring to three mothers who are going to give birth anytime now (or soon). I’m so happy for them, as they will be able to see their bundles of joy soon.

There are many emotions and thoughts associated with giving birth. Before the big day, we feel the fear and uncertainty. But as soon as we see our little adorable babies, all our negative emotions are immediately replaced by relief and an overwhelming joy.

The first of these three mothers is my colleague Rosemarie. She is going to give birth to her first baby girl anytime now. Her belly is really big, but she still looks great. With plenty of nice maternity dresses to wear, she is certainly the prettiest pregnant woman in my company.

Rosemarie is busy delegating her responsibilities to her colleagues as she is going for her maternity leave soon. In addition, she needs to train her new maid before the arrival of her little princess.

The second mother will be JustMe (not her real name). I knew her from the SMH forum. Her first baby, Sarah, is the same age as Edison. She is expecting a baby boy in April. JustMe is a very capable SAHM. She takes care of Sarah and manages the household all by herself!

Well, the last mother in my list will be Karen – my favorite blogger. She is in her 38 weeks now. I’m an avid fan of her blog. I love to read stories about her two kids – Callum and Sean. A pair of adorable kids with a fantastic mother! This is Karen’s third pregnancy and she is expecting a baby boy.

For now, I wish them a smooth, speedy and pain-free delivery of their new babies! JIAYOU! 🙂


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I raised my both hands up for Justme (Siti).

whenever i see pregnant women, i get the itch. hahaha